International Mold Steel Inc.

6796 Powerline Dr.
Florence, KY 41042 US


As Seen In Plastics Technology

International Mold Steel S-Star 420 Modified cavity and core steel.

Pre-hardened Steels Eliminate the Need for Heat Treat
International Mold Steel says its steels save moldmakers time by eliminating the need for heat treat.

Product Categories of International Mold Steel Inc.

Mold Steels

Trade Names

DH2F (37-41 HRC)
DHA-World (H-13)
Nak 55 (38-42 HRC)
Nak 80 (38-42 HRC)
Porcerax II
PX5 (Modified P20)
S-Star (420 ESR Stainless)
Superplast Stainless (420 FM)
Toolox 33 (4140 / P20 Type)
Toolox 44 (Pre-hard Nominal 45 HRC)