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Lighter Weight & PCR Content in Multi-Trip PET Bottles

Lighter Weight & PCR Content in Multi-Trip PET Bottles
Refillable PET bottles are a significant factor in Mexico and parts of Latin America, as well as in Germany. This development combines 15% lightweighting with 35% recycle content.

Plasma “Glass” Barrier Coating Developed for Reusable PET Bottles

Plasma “Glass” Barrier Coating Developed for Reusable PET Bottles
IKV and KHS Corpoplast in Germany collaborate on SiOx barrier coating that can withstand caustic washing for multi-trip PET bottles.

Blow Molding: Something for Everyone at K Show
Packaging, industrial, continuous-extrusion, accumulator-head, injection-blow, stretch-blow, EPET, foam, sandwich co-injection—the blow molding news was wide ranging at K 2019.

FlexBlow’s new Beauty series two-stage stretch-blow machines offer quick changeovers and “zero-scratch” handling of preforms for cosmetic containers.

K 2019 Preview: Blow Molding Exhibits Focus on Recycling & PET
Spotty information from blow molding machinery exhibitors indicates that the “Circular Economy” will be a recurrent theme and that PET processing will predominate.

freshsafe PET

FreshSafe PET Technology from KHS Meets APR’s Recyclability Criteria
PET bottles coated using Plasmax barrier technology have been recognized as being 100% recyclable by APR.

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: PET Machines Stretch the Limits
A huge variety of new one- and two-stage machines are blowing PET bottles and jars at the show.

Super-Lightweight PET Bottle For Quick Refreshment
Two new PET water bottles set benchmarks for light weight and material savings.

Bekum EBlow 407DL all-electric shuttle blow molder

Blow Molding at NPE2018: Blow Molding Systems Run the Full Spectrum at NPE
Machines for every process—shuttle, wheel, reciprocating-screw, accumulator-head, suction-blow, injection-blow, compression blow, and one- or two-stage stretch-blow molding—will be running in Orlando. There will be a host of new models, including electric and servo-hydraulic types.

KHS Factor 100 half-liter PET bottle

Enhanced PET Stretch-Blow Technologies from KHS
KHS enhanced its Blowmax rotary reheat stretch-blow machine to meet demand for single-serve beverage bottles. It also developed what’s said to be the lightest half-liter PET bottle for still water.

Blow Molding: ‘Individual Mold Control’ for PET Reheat Stretch-Blow Machines
Agr International and KHS are offering independent control of individual PET bottle blowing stations.

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