Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.


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How to Optimize Color Evaluation of Recycled Plastics

The right color measurement instrument and good working methods will minimize variability in color evaluation of PCR.

High-Precision Spectrophotometer with an Integrated ISO Compliant Gloss Sensor and Stability Check

Konica Minolta’s CM-36dG benchtop measure both color and gloss, allowing for streamlining of QC workflow and equipment and maintenance savings.

Quantifying the Appearance of Plastics

Gloss, reflection haze, and transmission haze are three of the most prevalent effects on the appearance of plastics. With the help of multifunctional tools like gloss meters and spectrophotometers manufacturers can measure these visual affects to ensure the integrity of a products appearance from start to end. 

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Robots Come to Materials- Testing Lab

Range of new testing machines include first-display of automated system that can run day and night.

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

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