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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Software Configures Twin-Screw Compounders

Compounding: Software for Twin-Screw Element, Barrel Configurations
Software houses library of 3000 screw elements and barrel housings from which to choose. 

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Pipe, Profile, Tubing
Check out what’s new in pipe, profile and tubing extrusion.

Extrusion/Compounding at NPE2018: More…More…More!
More speed, flexibility and robustness. Across a gamut of extrusion applications, machine builders are introducing new machinery, components, and systems to dramatically raise the bar on productivity.

One-Step Color Masterbatch Production
KraussMaffei Berstorff Liquid Color Compounding Technology allows masterbatches to be run without the need for ‘mono-concentrate’ production steps.

KMD 73 K/P conical twin-screw extruder with high output for profile extrusion

Flexible, Rugged Systems for Pipe, Profile
High-performance conical twin-screw extruder with calibration basket to change pipe diameter.

Compounding: Wear-Resistant Barrel Liners For Twin-Screws
Provide protection against wear and corrosion with compounds that are fiber reinforced, highly filled, or contain special additives like flame retardants.

RECYCLING: Suppliers Team on Integrated Recycling, Compounding
Erema will supply its Intarema recycling technology for KraussMaffei’s “re-compounding” technology.

Hosokawa X Die TRIO MDO

K 2016 Preview: Extrusion and Compounding
Regardless of what you might be extruding, the themes of speed and flexibility will loom large in extrusion at the giant show.

Krauss-Maffei 50th anniversary

KraussMaffei Celebrates 50 Years in U.S.
The U.S. has become the largest single-country market for KM.

COMPOUNDING: Software Helps Configure Twin-Screw Extruders
Users can chose from library of about 2000 screw and barrel housing elements.

KraussMaffei Buy Another Sign That China to Stay a Tough Competitor
One hears talk lately about how China is supposedly losing its killer edge as a global exports powerhouse. It has an aging population, rising wages, slowing economic growth, a shift in emphasis toward internal consumption, and recent upsets in financial markets.

ChemChina to Buy KraussMaffei Group
German plastics machinery maker to remain in place after purchase by China's largest chemical group.

COMPOUNDING: New Device Automates Screw-Element Tensioning
No more torque wrenches needs to manually tighten segmented screws.

EXTRUSION AND COMPOUNDING NPE: Flexibility, Speed and Quality
Extrusion processors need more—of everything—to compete. And suppliers responded in force in Orlando.

KraussMaffei to Expand Local Production of Extrusion Lines in China
Starting in the second half of 2015, KraussMaffei will begin production of its ZE 52 Basic twin screw compounding lines at its recently expanded Haiyan facility.

As in speed, power, quality, flexibility, layers, and efficiency. Those are the trends across all extrusion processes.

RECYCLING: High-Output, Low-Energy Modular Extruder for Recycling
ARTEC to showcase modular extrusion system that combines recycling and compounding in one single process at NPE 2015.

Krauss Maffei’s open house reaffirms importance of N. American market
A full parking lot outside and packed warehouse inside during a recent open house reflect the record year KraussMaffei's North American operations are enjoying.

EXTRUSION: New Process for Coex Vinyl Floor Tile
Process compounds, extrudes, and calenders PVC flooring in one step.

Compounding: Modular System Can Now Be Shipped Faster
Krauss-Maffei Berstorff redesigns its ModulPlus line of twin-screw extruders to shorten delivery-lead times and reduce cost.

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