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20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 4

20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 4
Good news was there if you knew where to look for it—in the pages of Plastics Technology magazine or right here on our website. Here’s a review of headlines you can feel good about.

Injection Molding: PET Preform Molding Machine Switches to Side Entry

Injection Molding: PET Preform Molding Machine Switches to Side Entry
Netstal’s new PET-LINE has changed from top entry and post-mold cooling above the clamping unit to side entry and cooling alongside the press, offering compatibility to lateral removal tools and after-cooling stations.

Fakuma Exhibitors Drop Out as Covid-19 Impacts 2020 Plans

Fakuma Exhibitors Drop Out as Covid-19 Impacts 2020 Plans
Engel joins KraussMaffei, Wittmann Battenfeld and Sepro Group as major injection molding centered exhibitors who have announced they will be skipping the injection-oriented event or curtailing their presence.

Netstal Machines Enable Lights Out Production of Coronavirus Antibody Tests

Netstal Machines Enable Lights Out Production of Coronavirus Antibody Tests
Coronavirus antibody test kits for Roche will be mass produced at an annual rate of 230 million units using three Netstal machines to clean room mold cups, pipette tips and racks to hold them.

Injection Molding: High-Speed Electric Presses Get a Further Speed Boost

Injection Molding: High-Speed Electric Presses Get a Further Speed Boost
Software upgrades speed clamp movements of Netstal Elion presses for closures.

Injection Molding: Faster, Smarter, More Efficient Machines Tackle Sustainable Molding at K 2019
Blazing speed plus shrinking energy consumption supported the “green” theme at the big show. Smarter controls and growing connectivity were another key focus.

Quick Change Color Compounder from KraussMaffei

Compounding: Quick-Color-Change Lab Twin
Throughout the exhibit, KraussMaffei ran nine different liquid colors, changing at the push of a button, to demonstrate time- and process-saving technology.

Rogers Named President of KraussMaffei Corp.

Rogers Named President of KraussMaffei Corp.
Twenty-year vet has worked for various industrial firms in his career.

What's New in Extrusion at K 2019

K 2019 Preview: Green's the Theme in Extrusion & Compounding
Themes of sustainability and the Circular Economy will be visible at the booths of many suppliers of extrusion and compounding equipment—film, in particular.

How does injection molding relate to plastics recycling and reuse? K 2019 will provide some answers.

K 2019 Preview: Injection Molding Goes for the ‘Green’
‘Circular Economy’ joins Industry 4.0 as common themes of injection molding exhibits in Düsseldorf.

K 2019 Preview logo

Report from the K 2019 Preview: The Future of Plastics is Circular
During the K 2019 Preview in Düsseldorf, Germany, machinery and material suppliers discussed new initiatives and technologies dedicated toward incorporating sustainability into their offerings. 

New unified logo for all KM businesses.

KraussMaffei Unifies All Its Brands
Netstal and Berstorff are now KraussMaffei.

KraussMaffei Chinaplas 2019

KraussMaffei Launches Chinese-Made All-Electric Injection Machines, Twin-Screw Extruders and Robotics Line at Chinaplas 2019
The products, which are targeting the local market and export, will be supported by a new manufacturing site that broke ground in in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province in March.

Decoject process of back-injecting TPO film with in-mold graining is introduced to the Americas by Engel.

Are You Up on the Latest in IML & IMD?
New technology for decorative and functional in-mold decorating will be featured at Molding 2019 Conference.

Thermoset oil-pump adjusting rings molded for the past year by Baumgarten in Germany, using APC plus.

Injection Molding: Adaptive Shot-Size Control Now Available for Thermosets
KraussMaffei control for uniform shot weight now can be used with granulated thermosets, BMC/SMC, and liquid or solid silicones.

Data Collection for Compounding Extruders

Compounding: Extruders Now Come with Industry 4.0 Solutions
New systems allow for increased data collection and analysis.

Integrity Tool and Mold Queretaro

Moldmaking in Mexico: A New Frontier
Advancing beyond repairs and maintenance, there is a growing Mexican moldmaking segment, giving local supply and support to the country’s burgeoning automotive sector, among others.

iMFLUX plastics processing engineer demonstrates the iMFLUX low-pressure process integrated with Milacron’s Mosaic press controller.

Headlines from Fakuma 2018
Integrating a special low-pressure process into machine controls; novel shop-floor quality-inspection technology; MES systems from machine and controls vendors; and sophisticated in-mold decorating.

KraussMaffei AnalytiX

KraussMaffei Rolls Out ‘Digital Service Solutions’
New e-service portal and AnalytiX cloud-based production monitoring are now available for all KraussMaffei Group products.

10-in. HMI display frame with IMD and IML.

Double IMD + IML Injection Molding To Be Demonstrated at Fakuma
Patented Kurz system, demonstrated by KraussMaffei, allows two independent single-image foils to decorate two mold cavities.

Milacron Cincinnati 2250-tons

NPE Wrap-Up: News in Primary Machinery, Part 1
Rounding up details from the Big Show not previously reported in all our other coverage, here’s more news in injection and blow molding, extrusion and compounding. Next month, we’ll conclude with recycling/scrap reclaim, robots, tooling, auxiliary equipment, materials and additives.

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