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As Seen In Plastics Technology

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Decorating, Printing & Finishing
See new equipment ranging from upgraded corona and open-air plasma surface treaters to a variety of printing equipment, including several being controlled by one software system, and the latest films in the water transfer printing process

Conair Carousel dessicant-wheel dryer

Auxiliaries at NPE2018: Packing More Functions in Less Space
Auxiliary equipment suppliers are building more and more technology into their products, packing more physical and virtual functions into the same or smaller footprints.

Lectro LT2100VD Surface Treater

Smallest True Open-Air Plasma Surface Treater Launched
Lectro Engineering's new LT 2100VD surface treater is only 38 in. wide and 48 in. long.

Lectro Engineering's MTM 2225 N2N bottle spin trimmer

Large-Neck Bottle Spin Trimmer Packs Higher Speed
MTM dual-belt spin trimmer handles large, neck-to-neck bottles at over 100 “logs” per minute.

Lectro Engineering’s Lee Williams Dies
Ralph (Lee) Williams, CEO and owner of Lectro Engineering Co., St.

Isimat’s new TH 8130 hybrid printer

Hybrid Printers & Inkjets Made News at NPE
Processors looking for something new at the NPE 2009 show in Chicago found “hybrid” multi-process printers, high-quality inkjets, and other advances in printing on plastic parts.

New Rotoline RR7030

New Molds, Materials and Machines At Fall Rotomolders’ Show
Huge new shuttle and carousel machines, expanded availability of CNC-machined aluminum molds, and new resins and additives highlighted the recent Rotoplas ’08 exhibition and 33rd Annual Fall Meeting of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) in Rosemont, Ill.

A new resin-treatment approach

Adhesion Promotion: Now Plasma-Treat the Resin, Not the Molded Part
A new approach to plasma treating applies the treatment to resin pellets or powder in order to achieve enhanced adhesion of paints, glues, or foamed-in-place urethanes to the molded part.

From NPE 2000: What's New in Printing & Decorating
Recycled Resin Prices Flatten OutNew systems to process mixed plastic waste and to upgrade it with fiberglass or wood flour were prominent at last June’s show in Chicago.

NPE News Wrap-Up: Decorating & Painting
The Chicago show presented a whole new way to decorate. There were also plenty of improvements in ink-jet and pad printing, hot stamping, laser marking, and surface treating.

In-mold decorating

Decorating, Printing & Finishing at NPE 2003
NPE will amply reflect the wide variety of plastics decorating and finishing options, with exhibits of pad, screen, ink-jet, dry-offset, flexo, and gravure printing technologies, as well as hot stamping/heat-transfer decorating, laser marking, and spray painting.

Product Categories of Lectro Engineering Co.

Blanking, Trimming, Diecutting Presses
Conveyors (parts-handling)
Corona Treaters
Deflashing Media and Equipment (for Thermosets)
Flame Treaters
Plasma Treaters
Stacking, Packing Equipment
Unscramblers, Orienting Devices