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Automatic Extrusion Die Control System

Mahlo's QMS-12 APC Pro system is ideal for plastic film, sheet and extrusion coating. You will be up and running faster after changeovers with the system's FAST START and KICK Modes. Automatic Diebolt Mapping can continuously monitor your system for Diebolt heater failure giving you more reliable, consistent readings and product attributes.

  • Fully integrated into the QMS-12 operator station

  • Independent PID Control of diebolt heating and cooling

  • Neighboring diebolt compensation

  • Predictive non-linear neck-in compensation

...and much more!

A Message from Mahlo America, Inc.

Measure. Control. Profit. Repeat.

Rugged reliability and advanced engineering are standard with Mahlo Web Gauging and Control Systems.

IMF-15 Non-Nuclear, Near Infrared Sensor

This new solid-state sensor measures with high resolution and accuracy your web products' moisture as well as basis weight, thickness and coatings including excellent defect detection.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

New Pilot Line Verifies Web Gauging Performance
Mahlo offers fully operational pilot line for product testing, sample evaluation and technical training.

Gloucester’s novel WOW winder wraps

NPE News in Extrusion
This NPE show won’t have a lot of extruders on the floor, either running or static. Instead, look for videos and announcements of new technology. You will also find lots of ingenious peripheral devices to improve output and quality and save resin. Some will do all three, and cost less into the bargain.

Product Categories of Mahlo America, Inc.

Closed-loop Process Control Systems
Color/Appearance Measuring Instruments
Dewpoint Monitors/Moisture Analyzers
Film, Sheet, Coated Web Thickness Measuring Equipment
Infrared Analyzers
Moisture Analyzers
Optical Inspection Systems
Other Testing/Analysis Equipment
Static-eliminating Equipment
Temperature Pyrometers, Sensors, Thermocouples

Trade Names

DFI Flutter-Independent Beta Sensor
IMF-15 Solid State IR Sensor
InfraScope NIR Spectrometer
WLI White Light Interferometer