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Data Driven, Employee Owned

Approaching its seventh decade in business, PTA Plastics has shifted its location and remade its customer base since its founding in 1953, but many things have not changed in the intervening years, including an emphasis on people and leading-edge technologies.

Niigata Fills New Regional Sales Manager Role

Tony Deligio Plastics Technology

Gregory Lewis will occupy the new position created after the injection molding machine supplier began direct sales in the U.S. in 2019.

Hot/Cold Injection Molding: Which Approach Is Best for You?

The hot-and-cold molding process gives molders a new tool to achieve top-quality esthetics or to fill challenging thin-wall parts. There are a number of options in heating methods, and this article discusses the ins and outs of each.

AUXILIARIES AT NPE: More Control, Flexibility, And Efficiency

These are key trends in the many kinds of auxiliary equipment displayed at this month’s show. You’ll also see equipment designed to be virtually ‘foolproof.’

Matsui America, Inc.

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