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Coronavirus Test Kits Test MGS’ Manufacturing Mettle
MGS Manufacturing is marshalling its injection molding, moldmaking and automation skills in a tightly compressed timeline to outfit the equivalent of a full-scale injection molding plant for COVID-19 test kits.

MGS Combines Multishot and Automation Businesses into New, Combined Space
Walking distance from its corporate headquarters in Germantown, Wisc., MGS Mfg. Group has opened a 40,000-ft2 space that combines its automation cell and modular multimaterial molding systems businesses.

four cavity mold

Two-Shot Molding and Tool Design
There are a few variations of the two-shot molding process, and each has implications for tool design.

MGS Discusses Its Acquisition
Privately held since 1982, injection molder and moldmaker MGS Mfg. Group Inc. has a new owner for the first time in its history, and it foresees greater growth thanks to the resources of its private equity acquirer.

Ten Intriguing Injection Molding Technologies of 2015

Ten Intriguing Injection Molding Technologies of 2015
I know I’m leaving myself wide open on this one. I was asked, “What are the 10 most interesting injection molding technologies of 2015?” I should have pleaded eggnog hangover and politely declined.

INJECTION MOLDING AT NPE: Presses, Robots & Cell Automation
Everything molders need to compete in markets from automotive to medical was on display in Orlando. Besides a huge number of new machine models, there was emphasis on cell integration and automation.

INJECTION MOLDING AT NPE: Molding Exhibits Show Off Cell Integration with Multiple Processes & Operations
If you’re interested in lightweight composites, IML, LSR, multi-shot, inmold assembly, barrier coinjection, micromolding, variotherm molding, foams, energy-saving presses, robots, hot runners, and tooling—they’re all here in force.

Machinery & Robot Developments at Wittmann Battenfeld
Open house celebrates expanded U.S. headquarters & showcases innovations.

Wittmann Battenfeld Hosts Live Show

Wittmann Battenfeld Hosts Live Show
Open house to celebrate the expanded U.S. headquarters showcases innovations.

Processors Find Their Place at K 2013
Sprinkled among the 17 halls, often overshadowed by the billion-dollar machinery and material suppliers surrounding them, were no small number of processors.

Injection Molding at K 2013: Doing More with Less
More productivity with less energy consumption and capital investment; more operations in the machine or manufacturing cell with less time, labor, energy, and capital—these were the common themes of injection molding exhibits at October’s K 2013 show.

Tooling at NPE: A Hot-Runner Bonanza in Orlando
Most of the emphasis is on valve gating and on doing more in less space. Other highlights include standardized mold components, some impressive feats of moldmaking creativity, and advances in mold simulation.

MGS Mfg. Group evaluated injection molding simulation software

Benchmarking Simulation Software: How One Molder Did It
Injection mold simulation has become a standard tool for molders and mold designers.

Mold transfer for custom injection molders

Eight Steps Toward a Seamless Mold Transfer
It’s big news when an OEM decides to move a substantial number of molds from one processing operation (either their own in-house/captive facility or an outsourced molder) to another.

On-Site: Injection Molding 'Outside the Box' at MGS Mfg. Group
Though it grabs a lot of headlines, multi-material, multi-shot processing still makes up only about 10% of injection molding activity in North America.

Spin Stack tooling from Gram Technology

In-Mold Assembly: The New Frontier for Multi-Shot Molding
The drive to eliminate secondary operations is pushing multi-shot injection molding a step farther—toward assembling separate components in the tool via snap-fits, welding, and co-molding of incompatible materials.

Preferential heating system

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Blow Molding
Among new blow molding developments at the show was an innovative coextrusion system for the growing small-engine fuel tank market.

One clamp with six injectors is a new look

The Next Generation of Multi-Component Molding
Multi-shot and coinjection molding techniques are staking out new territory. Mach ines are getting larger and are combining more materials or colors in more sophisticated and imaginative ways.

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