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Company Profile

Since 1955, Mokon has set the standard in the design and manufacture of high-performance and superior quality thermal fluid systems to accurately control process temperatures up to 700°F (371°C). Through the development of new products, refinement of existing designs, and our ability to create custom engineered solutions, Mokon has consistently demonstrated its ability to foresee the evolving needs of customers in plastic, die casting, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, rubber, printing, and many more industries.  

Our product line includes water and heat transfer fluid temperature control systems, portable and central chillers, pump tanks, cooling towers, blown film coolers, cold climate coolers, power and control panels, maintenance products, and custom designed/engineered systems. Mokon proudly designs and manufactures its circulating liquid heating and chilling equipment in the USA.

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A Message from Mokon

Heating and Cooling Process Temperature Control from -20°F to 700°F (-29°C to 371°C)

For 65 years, Mokon has set the standard for high quality heating and cooling temperature control systems in many industries including plastics processing, packaging, converting, composites, food processing, medical/pharmaceutical, chemical processing, rubber, printing, general processing and many more.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

New Mokon Pura-therm sanitary line includes combination heating (TCU) and chiller units.

Heating/Cooling: Sanitary Chillers, TCUs For Clean Rooms
Mokon’s new Pura-therm line includes cleanroom-ready chillers, TCUs and combination units.

Heating/Cooling: CORRECTION
Delta T Systems joins Mokon and Frigel in offering a combination heating/cooling system of a chiller and TCU in one package.

Delta T Systems introduces its first combination chiller and TCU in one package.

Heating/Cooling: Process Heating & Cooling in One Unit
All-in-one unit saves space, cost, and energy.

Engel e-temp TCU

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Process Cooling
Key themes in chillers at NPE2018 are efficiency, connectivity and transparency.

Auxiliaries AT NPE: New Controls Link Auxiliaries
Industry 4.0—the internet of things—is bringing a new level of connectivity to auxiliary equipment. Here’s a rundown of developments there, along with other news in auxiliaries from the show.

Auxiliaries at NPE: New Solutions from Material Preparation To Post-Mold Operations
There will be an extraordinary range of new auxiliary equipment on display at the show.

Water-treatment system

Heating & Cooling at NPE 2003
Smaller, more efficient, and environmentally friendly are the themes for new heating/cooling products at NPE.


Six Things You Should Know About New Eco-Friendly Chillers
If you never paid much attention to what kind of refrigerant is circulating inside your plastics chillers, it may be time you did.

New adiabatic systems

Process Cooling Goes for Performance Plus Affordability
At the NPE 2009 show in Chicago, half a dozen exhibitors showed new cooling equipment that emphasized improved performance at about the same or lower cost.

NPE 2009 News Flash
Injection MoldingHybrid Press Has Electric ClampNew injection presses that combine servo-electric and hydraulic movements to achieve high performance with energy efficiency will be discussed by Arburg Inc., Newington, Conn.

New Line of Power and Process Control Panels
Mokon announces the availability of power and process control panels and systems for commercial and industrial applications.

New Line of Blown Film Coolers
Mokon's Blown Film Air Coolers offer an increase in blown film productivity, especially in warmer climates or other environments where ambient air temperatures rise during the summer.

Stainless Steel Hydrotherm Water System
Re-engineered to improve accuracy, reliablity of operation and increase output, the Hydrotherm has the highest quality components and construction materials in the industry.

Newly Redesigned HF-2 Series Heat Transfer Fluid System
Mokon announces the availability of the newly redesigned HF-2 Series Heat Transfer Fluid System, updated with improved performance, energy efficiency and reduced space requirements for large flow and higher heating capacity applications.

C3 Cold Climate Cooler System for Cold Weather Areas
Mokon's new C3 Cold Climate Cooler System offers a cost-effective solution to process cooling in cold weather areas.


NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Fluid Temperature Control: Saving on Energy and Maintenance
At NPE in Chicago, chillers and TCUs were put on a lean energy diet and redesigned for greater durability. Suppliers also added features while taking out cost.

Hot-water and oil temperature controllers

What to See at NPE 2006: Heating and Cooling
Most of the news at the show is in fluid-circulating mold-temperature-control systems.

NPE 2006 News Flash
Injection MoldingSimplified Hot Runners Save Time & CostA new lower-cost hot-runner alternative to valve gating is suited to less critical cosmetic applications where users need predictable and reliable gate opening but not sequential gate operation.

NPE Newsfinder: Heating and Cooling
Band-heater developments at the show are focused on high-temperature applications such as “thixomolding” and on prolonging heater life by minimizing leaks.

Embedded web server

NPE News Wrap-up - Water & Oil Temperature Control
If you’re the sort of manager that can’t resist checking up on your plant after you go home for the night, now you can click on your web browser and read out mold temperatures right there on your PC.

Product Categories of Mokon

Clean Rooms and Components
Closed-loop Process Control Systems
Cooling Towers
Custom Machine Builders
Heat Exchangers
Heat-recovery Systems
Heat-transfer Fluids
Hot-water or Oil-circulating Temperature Controllers
Mold-cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals
Preheaters for Materials
Temperature Controllers, Monitors
Water Treatment/Filtration Systems
Water, Oil Manifolds and Couplings