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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Mold Craft micro-injection mold.

Design-for-Manufacture Review on Micro-Molding Operations
According to Mold Craft Inc., a design-for-manufacture (DFM) review ensures that its customers receive the highest quality molds that produce parts with close tolerances.

Micro-injection molded, 100-µm filter screen.

Micro-Mold Demonstration Highlights Collaboration
Mold Craft Inc. demonstrates micro-injection molding NPE2018 with a Wittmann Battenfeld press and a Sodick vertical molding machine.

Victrex 90 PEEK for medical pipettes

High-Flow PEEK Makes Small, Intricate Pipette Tips
WEB EXCLUSIVE: An unfilled grade of Victrex 90 Series high-flow PEEK from Victrex USA was used to mold small medical pipette tips.

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Injection Molds