Novatec, Inc.


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Four New Developments in Plastics Drying

These four short videos provide a snapshot of what’s going on in plastics resin drying technology. Yes, there’s Industry 4.0, but also lots more to bring higher quality and efficiency to your injection molding and extrusion processes.

Maguire Buys Stake in O.A. Newton

Investment has the potential to expand the capabilities of Maguire in the bulk material handling phase of the process industries.

Use Automated Fever Scanning to Protect your People and your Business

This new non-contact temperature screening system from MachineSense is quick and easy to use. It provides an added level of health protection for employees and legal protection for the business.

Auxiliary Equipment: Sanitizing System Stops Particulate, Dust from Accelerating COVID-19 Virus

New machine features a multi-stage air circulator, scrubber, and sanitizer that traps airborne particulate and then kills any viral matter automatically with a multi-staged ultraviolet system. 

Novatec, Inc.

222 E Thomas Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21225 US
800-237-8379 | 410-789-4811

Trade Names offered by Novatec, Inc.

  • FlexTouch
  • FlexXpand NovaNet
  • GlassVu
  • IntelliPET
  • MaxFlow
  • MoistureManager
  • MoistureMaster
  • NovaDrier
  • NovaWheel
  • OptiFlex
  • PowerGuard
  • UltraVac