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Mobile Wheel Dryers With New Features

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All of the NOVATEC Mobile Wheel Dryers include a 7" color touch screen PLC and no additional charge. A 4" color touch screen PLC is also available. You don’t have to decipher cryptic codes to figure out how well your dryer is operation because all messages are spelled out in clear English. Other standard features include 3-phase detection and alarm, dew point analyzer and alarm, RED/Green Alarm light and Intelligent Regeneration for energy savinge. In addition, the PLUS model with the 7" high resolution color touch screen includes OverDry Protection  (for nylons) and photo-assisted maintenance and trouble-shooting. These highly efficient portable Dry/Convey models are available with 25, 50, 75, 100,150, 200 & 300 lb./hr. throughput capacities to suit all of your portable drying needs. Additional features include automatic monitoring and alarm for condition of the easy-to-access filters. An internal plasticizer filter and drain is also standard. All Dry/Convey units include a powerful regenerative blower pump, a hopper receiver, machine-mount receiver, necessary hoses and pick-up wand.

Even if you do not need a dry/convey model, all NOVATEC wheel dryers up to 400 lb./hr. include a color touch screen PLC control, 3-phase detection and alarm as well as a plasticizer filter and drain.

Intelligent Regeneration

Monitors the regeneration process and makes changes, automatically, to minimize the energy used to no more than that required to remove the moisture from the desiccant wheel.


A Message from Novatec, Inc.

Company Profile

The roots of the company date back to the 1935 and NOVATEC began manufacturing dehumidifying equipment for the plastics industry in early 1972.

Widest Choice of Resin Dryers

NovaWheel™ Dryers All NovaWheel™ dryers (500 - 5,000 lb./hr.) now include a 7" color touch screen PLC control.

Central System Controls

NOVATEC Control Solutions for System-Wide Control or Unit Control NOVATEC has an impressive legacy of customer and process-oriented control solutions.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Maguire Buys Stake in O.A. Newton
Investment has the potential to expand the capabilities of Maguire in the bulk material handling phase of the process industries.

Four New Developments in Plastics Drying
These four short videos provide a snapshot of what’s going on in plastics resin drying technology. Yes, there’s Industry 4.0, but also lots more to bring higher quality and efficiency to your injection molding and extrusion processes.

MachineSense FeverWarn

Use Automated Fever Scanning to Protect your People and your Business
This new non-contact temperature screening system from MachineSense is quick and easy to use. It provides an added level of health protection for employees and legal protection for the business.

Auxiliary Equipment: Sanitizing System Stops Particulate, Dust from Accelerating COVID-19 Virus
New machine features a multi-stage air circulator, scrubber, and sanitizer that traps airborne particulate and then kills any viral matter automatically with a multi-staged ultraviolet system. 

Medical Tubing: No Tradeoff of Speed for Quality with New Downstream Package
New technology from Novatec packages next-generation multi-pass tank, novel gauging technique, and enhanced coilers to boost rates to 1000 ft/min or more without tube-quality issues.

IR-Based System Permits Automatic Scan of Body Temp
Developed by MachineSense, FeverWarn can be installed in the form of a gate or retrofitted to any entrance location for the automatic scanning of human body temperature. ​ 

Novatec Micro Tube Puller/Cutter

Precision Extrusion Puller/Cutters Designed for Medical Tubing
Novatec’s Bob Bessemer is at it again with a new line of extrusion puller/cutters designed specifically for the rigors of microbore medial tube processing.

New Method Boosts Medical-Tubing Efficiency
At Plastec West, Novatec unveiled an ultrasonic centering gauge to all but eliminate concentricity issues while decreasing startup time and slashing material waste.

New Downstream System For Inline Cutting, Curing of TPU Tubing
Novatec will debut an altogether new approach for processing tacky, hard-to-cut thermoplastic polyurethane tubes at next month’s Plastec West show.

Royal Interpack: Force in PET Packaging

Giving the ‘Royal’ Treatment in PET Packaging
In the U.S. for just seven years, Royal Interpack is emerging as a growing, innovative, customer-centric supplier of food packaging.

Downstream extrusion water and vacuum tanks

No-Compromise Extrusion Water and Vacuum Tanks Designed for Medical Tubing
Downstream extrusion equipment expert Bob Bessemer set out to design the perfect water and vacuum sizing tanks for medical tubing. He just may have pulled it off.

Downstream Medical Tubing Expert Bob Bessemer Joins Novatec

Novatec Appoints Bob Bessemer VP Extrusion Technology
Downstream extrusion expert will direct firm’s efforts to enter medical tubing market. 

Bessemer Series for Medical Tubing

Downstream System ‘Rewrites the Rules’ for Medical Tubing Extrusion
Extrusion downstream expert Bob Bessemer joins Novatec to enter medical tubing market with innovative line of tanks and puller/cutters.

Integrity Tool and Mold Queretaro

Moldmaking in Mexico: A New Frontier
Advancing beyond repairs and maintenance, there is a growing Mexican moldmaking segment, giving local supply and support to the country’s burgeoning automotive sector, among others.

Novatec Nitrogen Dryer

Nitrogen Drying for Specialty Resins
Dryer introduces an inert gas or nitrogen to inhibit the oxidative degradation of polymers.

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Drying
Industry 4.0 meets resin-drying at NPE2018.

Novatec Moisture Manager

Technology Takes Aim At Drying Specialized Resins
Novatec develops new at-the-press drying solutions for molders tackling highly tailored nylons and other specialty materials.

MachineSense, Siemens Partner on Power Quality Technology
MachineSense Power Analyzer is the first vertically integrated IIoT solution in Siemens’ MindSphere Platform that offers power quality monitoring, energy management, predictive and preventative maintenance and machine utilization as a MindSphere Application. 

Microsoft Taps MachineSense for Startup ‘Accelerator’ Program
Initiative will invest more than $500 million over the next two years to help these startups with go-to market strategies, technology and community building.

Conrad Bessemer president and CEO Novatec

For Novatec and Machine Sense, the Focus Is the Factory of Today
Interconnectivity alone will not raise the bar on productivity…and profitability, says Bessemer.

Engel e-temp TCU

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Process Cooling
Key themes in chillers at NPE2018 are efficiency, connectivity and transparency.

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Dust Removal Equipment
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