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Paratherm Moves to New Headquarters

Staff Report Plastics Technology

Less than 2 miles from the former location, with more lab and conference space.

Heating & Cooling at NPE 2003

Smaller, more efficient, and environmentally friendly are the themes for new heating/cooling products at NPE.

Easy Cures for Common Complaints About Hot-Oil Units

Molders of high-temperature materials frequently ask these six questions about hot-oil temperature-control units (TCUs):Is smoke dangerous?Why is the pump discharge pressure bouncing all over?Why has the oil degraded and is it damaging the pump seals?Why can’t I get the mold hot enough without running the temperature above the flashpoint?Does it mean I’m running the oil too hot if I am getting carbon on the Y-strainer?If the oil has turned color, should it be replaced?There are straightforward answers and solutions to all of the above.


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