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First PP Honeycomb Core For Closed Molding

First PP Honeycomb Core For Closed Molding
A new polypropylene honeycomb core from Plascore Inc., Zeeland, Mich., is reportedly the first one suitable for closed molding processes like vacuum infusion, light RTM, and vacuum-bag molding.

Thinnest chopped strand

Composites–Part II New Reinforcements and Materials At Paris JEC Show
Part II of our review of the biggest international composites show focuses on new reinforcements, resins, prepregs, and additives. Thermoplastics were a particularly strong presence.

Crane's first fluoropolymer non-woven surfacing veils

Composites Show Introduces Reinforcements, Fillers and Additives
Pultrusion, filament winding, SMC, BMC, polymer concrete, and advanced composites are targets for new reinforcing fibers, fabrics, fillers, and other additives introduced at the recent Composites 2003 Show in Anaheim, Calif.

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