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Tooling at NPE: Valve Gates & Multi-Tips Top the News
There’s no letup in development of sophisticated hot-runner nozzles and controls. Here’s news in these and other tooling products at the show.

INJECTION MOLDING: Valve-Gate Pin-Speed Programmer
Prevent melt hesitation and air entrapment.

INJECTION MOLDING: Valve-Gate Control with Variable Pin Speed
Said to reduce shot hesitation, blush, and air entrapment and to ensure overall smoother, more consistent filling.

INJECTION MOLDING: Low-Cost, High-Performance Hot-Runner Controllers
Plastic Engineering & Technical Services, Inc. (P.E.T.S.), Auburn Hills, Mich., has introduced the PHRS family of hot-runner temperature controllers, said to “provide outstanding performance at price levels far below any competitive offerings.”

DME Teams Up with P.E.T.S.
DME Co., Madison Heights, Mich., has formed a strategic alliance with Plastic Engineering & Technical Services, Inc. (P.E.T.S.), Auburn Hills, Mich.

New nozzles

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Hot Shots: New Nozzles and Controls Add Sizzle to Runnerless Molding
Electrically driven valve pins, a low-cost alternative to valve-gating, mold-mounted temperature controllers, and new components for fast color changes are some of a host of new components and systems unveiled at the giant NPE 2006 show in Chicago this past June. (Some brand-new introductions since the show are also included in this report.) The news includes runnerless products aimed at everything from micromolding to shot weights up to 17.4 lb.

Rheometer VTM

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Testing and QC--New Lab Instruments Stress Affordability and Convenience
Thermal and mechanical testers, color and appearance sensors, vision inspection devices and CMMs—the NPE had them all in more compact, economical, and easy-to-use models.

Hot-Runner Control For 12 to 60 Zones
A new hot-runner temperature controller was introduced at NPE in Chicago by Plastic Engineering & Technical Services (P.E.T.S.), Auburn Hills, Mich.

Valve Pins Go Electric
A new hot-runner valve-gate system with electric pin positioning allows for pin movements as small as 0.001 in. and up to 1 in.

Valve Gates Get Electromagnetic Action
A new electromagnetically actuated valve-gate cylinder reportedly delivers 110 times more accurate position control than hydraulic or pneumatic operation.

Sequential Valve Gating
Ultimate Control for the Toughest Molding Jobs

Ultra nozzle tips

NPE 2003 News Wrap-Up: Hot Runners
From complete hot halves to individual nozzles, a host of new products promise smaller gate vestiges, less maintenance, better temperature control, and lower cost.

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