Randcastle Extrusion Systems, Inc.

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As Seen In Plastics Technology

EXTRUSION: Multi-Layer Lab Line
R&D system for cast film, coating and lamination.

EXTRUSION: Lab Extruders In New Configurations
They include horizontal compounding line.

New Frontier for Single Screw R&D: Mixing & Melting by Extensional Shear
Extensional shear generally has been associated only with twin-screw extruders. However, I am now convinced it can be done with a single moving force (screw) by changing the geometry of the flow field perpendicular to the direction of flow.

Study May Boost Prospects For Single-Screw ‘Elongator’
Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., weighed in at last year’s SPE ANTEC with a paper discussing results of experiments they conducted on a novel elongational mixing device developed by Randcastle Extrusion Systems

Single Screw Extrudes Rigid PVC Dryblend
A 2.5-in. diam. single screw with two Elongator mixing sections, built by Randcastle Extrusion Systems Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J., can process rigid PVC dryblend at 70 rpm for 150-lb/hr output.

Extrude Rigid PVC Three Times Faster
A new mixing section called the Elongator from Randcastle Extrusion Systems Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J., is a spiral version of the company's fl uted Recirculator mixing section.

Reprocess Barrier Film Scrap into Sheet
In tests late last year, a 0.75-in. single-screw lab extruder from Randcastle Extrusion Systems Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J., reprocessed five-layer PP/EVOH barrier film into 30-mil monolayer sheet, in which the EVOH was dispersed into sub-micron-size domains in the PP matrix.

Notches across the main or barrier flight

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Compounding
Much of the compounding news at the NPE Show in Chicago in June ad-dressed the growing trend among extrusion processors to become compounders.

New Mixing Screw Grows Up
Randcastle Extrusion Systems Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J., has sold the first commercial-scale Recirculator Screw, a single screw with a novel intensive-mixing section (U.S.

NPE Newsfinder: Extrusion
NPE will show higher outputs of practically everything, as advances in grooved feeds, servo drives, screw torque, mixing screws, dies, and downstream cooling, cutting, and handling make everything run faster.

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Custom Machine Builders
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Film Take-off Systems
Intensive Fluxing (melting) Mixers
Materials Testing Services
Melt Pumps for Extrusion
Monofilament/Multifilament Take-Off Systems
Other Testing/Analysis Equipment
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Prototyping Services
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Screws (Plasticating)
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