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"The Most Trusted Name In Granulators".

The Rapid Multi-Cutter is the most advanced screenless granulator available to the market today.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Raptor DUO

Recycling: Innovations in Slow-Speed Granulation
New machine gives molders more flexibility in slow-speed modes. Range of other new granulators will also debut at K 2019.

Buying the Right Plastics Granulator

How the Right Granulator Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Material
Not all granulator designs are the same, so which one is right for your application? The one you have today may have been purchased for an entirely different application and may not be best suited to your needs. Here are some things to think about that can help you decide what’s best for you.

Rapid Thermopro

Rapid's New Granulators For In-Line Thermoforming
A ThermoPRO 400-90 for granulating webs up to 900-mm wide is on display at Booth W953.

Rapid Granulator Bredaryd Sweden

Rapid Granulator Adds Production Capacity, Capabilities
Rapid Granulator boosts capacity, precision with the addition of three automated machining centers at its headquarters in Bredaryd, Sweden.

Rapid Granulator Moves to new HQ
Staying in the Pittsburgh area, bringing all U.S. production in-house.

All Work & No Play at the K
I had sore feet at the end of every day—all eight of them—at the K 2016 show. But there were chances to relax at numerous hospitality events.

rapid granulator

RECYCLING and SCRAP RECLAIM: New Family of Shredders
Called the Raptor Series, these modularly designed units from Rapid Granulator feature a reported “world-first open-hearted” design.

Is Your Granulator Helping You Maximize Your Profit?
It’s easy to take a scrap granulator for granted. Many people do. But getting the most value out of your production scrap requires both a granulator design and a preventive-maintenance program that are appropriate to the way you use the granulator.

SPI: Time To Refocus Plastics Recycling Efforts
Only about 9% of plastic waste was recycled from the municipal solid waste stream in 2012, according to the latest figures available from the U.S.

Global Processors Establishing U.S. Footprint
Two major international processors establish plants in central Pennsylvania to serve the U.S. market.

Rapid Granulator Sold to Swedish Company
New owner Lifco is a diversified public firm with subsidiaries involved in recycling. Transaction includes no other IPEG company.

Energy-Efficient Granulating
Granulators are notorious energy hogs, but motors and designs have improved energy efficiency over the years. Proper selection and maintenance can also do a lot to avoid wasted energy cost.

Recycling News at K 2013
New developments combine recycling and compounding in one step. Plenty of news at K in size reduction and de-labeling.

K 2013: More Efficient, Flexible & User-Friendly Auxiliaries
It’s hard to generalize about auxiliary equipment, but a few trends stood out at K, including: greater energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and cleaning, controls that provide more real-time and historical process information and greater ease of use.

Conair & Rapid Parent Buys Thermal Care
IPEG, Inc., Cranberry Township, Pa., has acquired Thermal Care Inc., a major manufacturer of mold-temperature controllers, chillers, cooling towers, and pump tanks.

Conair & Rapid Joined by Shredder Maker
Move expands Rapid’s range of product offerings in size reduction.

Avoid Four Common Traps In Granulation
Today, more than ever, granulation is an important step in the total production process.

Auxiliaries at NPE: News in Materials Handling, Cooling, Granulating, Welding, Testing, Decorating
Auxiliary equipment takes in a broad range of functions, from materials preparation to post-mold finishing.

40 molding machines

On-Site: An ‘Empire’ Built on Scientific Molding
A U.S. custom injection molder that’s hiring?

Rapid Granulator to Move
Rapid Granulator, Inc. will move from Rockford, Ill., to share the new Cranberry Township, Pa., headquarters of The Conair Group.

Full-scale customer trials

First Commercial Recycling Process For Electronics Waste
A 23-year-old Dutch plastic recycling firm, Plastic Herverwerking Brabant (PHB) BV has become the first supplier in the world of a complete commercial altered-density-media system tailored to separate the plastics in waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Since last October, PHB has operated a WEEE recycling system sized for 33 million lb/yr and averages about 4400 lb/hr of reclaimed material from 11,000 lb/hr of waste input.

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Metal Detectors, Separators
Scrap-reclaim Systems
Scrap-reclaim Systems--Sorting/Fractionating Systems
Scrap-reclaim Systems--Washing Systems
Shredders, Guillotines