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Determining Viscosity Data in Extrusion Using a Slit Die Viscometer

Part Two: Determining Viscosity Data Using a Slit Die Viscometer
Using a slit-die viscometer connected to a lab extruder can generate accurate data on melt viscosity at various shear rates and different temperatures—a useful QC tool in processing.

optical transducers

How to Collect & Interpret Process Data in Extrusion
The first installment of this three-part series focuses on proper use of a data- acquisition system.

How to Collect & Interpret Process Data in Extrusion: Part 1
The first installment of this three-part series focuses on proper use of a data- acquisition system.

Extruder Upgrades Pay Off Big for Sheet Processor
A $65,000 upgraded paid for itself in less than a month.

New Frontier for Single Screw R&D: Mixing & Melting by Extensional Shear
Extensional shear generally has been associated only with twin-screw extruders. However, I am now convinced it can be done with a single moving force (screw) by changing the geometry of the flow field perpendicular to the direction of flow.

Figure 1

Tips and Techniques: Boosting Extrusion Productivity - Part III of III: Trim Your Material & Energy Costs
Material cost is the largest cost factor in most extruded commodity products, so processors should be motivated to reduce these expenses.

Boosting Extrusion Productivity-Part II of III: Optimize Product Changeover & Purging
Extrusion processors typically run a number of different products and resins.

Typical wear pattern

Look Out for Metal-to-Metal Wear
Wear that occurs as a result of metal-to-metal contact in extruders is quite common.

Typical barrel temperature profiles by zones

TIME TO LEARN ABOUT Dynamic Optimization of Extruder Barrel Temperatures
Determining the optimum barrel-temperature profile is one of the most important tasks in extrusion.

Solving Gels in Extrusion

Solving Gels in Thin Film, Tubing Extrusion
Gels are a common quality problem in thin film and tubing extrusion. To solve them, learn from where they came.

NPE Newsfinder: Extrusion
NPE will show higher outputs of practically everything, as advances in grooved feeds, servo drives, screw torque, mixing screws, dies, and downstream cooling, cutting, and handling make everything run faster.

Single-Screw Compounding Is Learning New Tricks
While twin-screws get most of the glory, a quiet revolution has been taking place in single-screw compounding. In the past six to 12 months, some half-dozen new dispersive mixing elements have gone into commercial production, and more are on the way.

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