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Screw Wear: Understanding Causes, Effects, and Solutions
Here’s how to find out what’s happening to your screw and what to do about it.

Dray's APS mixing screw

‘All-Purpose’ Screw for Injection Molding Handles a Wide Range of Polymers
A mixing section with replaceable dams is said to remedy the limitations of so-called “general-purpose” injection screws.

Rethinking the Injection Screw: Is It a Trend?
Renowned screw designer Robert F. Dray wrote to me recently, lamenting that injection molding screw design has not received the kind of attention that the extrusion industry has paid to perfecting this fundamental processing component.

Removable dam

Close-Up On Technology - Interchangeable Dam Adds Versatility to Screw
A new barrier screw has removable keys to change the dam height, allowing the screw to be tuned for highest throughput with resins as different as LLDPE and nylon, says the screw’s designer, Robert Dray, president of R.

A barrier screw

How to Compare Barrier Screws
When processors asked screw designer Robert Dray how to compare different types of barrier screws, he modeled melting capacity based on the biggest single factor, solids channel area. It gives a quick way to evaluate barrier-screw designs.

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