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Prices Up for Nylons, Polyesters, Acetals & More
WEB EXCLUSIVE: This month, prices are due to rise for engineering thermoplastics, composite thermosets, and UHMW-PE:•DSM Engineering Plastics said it would hike nylon 6 resins early this month by 12¢/lb, following a similar move by BASF in March.

MATERIALS: More Price Increases This Month
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Even before the effect of Middle East unrest on oil prices could ripple through the petrochemical/plastics industry, fresh price hikes were announced for early March in nylon, polyolefin wire/cable compounds, and thermoset polyesters.

Prices Up This Month for Thermoplastics, Thermosets
WEB EXCLUSIVE: May will see a number of price hikes in nylons, styrenic block copolymers, and thermoset (unsaturated) polyesters:BASF hiked nylon 6 by 5¢/lb on May 3, while DSM raised nylon 6 extrusion and compounding grades 10¢ on May 1.

Urethane Hybrid Resin For Pultrusion
WEB EXCLUSIVE Dion 31040-00 is a low-viscosity, medium- to high-reactivity urethane hybrid resin for pultruding tough composites.

Composite wind blades

Wind Power Blades Energize Composites Manufacturing
The world’s growing appetite for wind energy is transforming wind blades into one of the hottest composite applications around. The huge build-up of wind-power generating capacity—particularly in the U.S, China, and Spain—has raised a bumper crop of new plants for manufacturing these composite parts.

Tough Urethane Hybrid For SMC and Pultrusion
A toughened urethane-polyester hybrid resin introduced by Reichhold, Research Triangle Park, N.C., is designed for SMC and pultrusion applications such as automotive pickup boxes, personal watercraft hulls and decks, hockey sticks, utility enclosures, manhole covers, utility pole cross-arms, and sheet pilings for seawalls.

Terephthalic Match for Iso Resin in Pultrusion
A new low-styrene, uv-stabilized terephthalic polyester for pultrusion comes from Reichhold Inc., Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Styrene fume incineration systems

Composites and VOCs: Plain and Fancy Ways To Meet Emissions Rules
One year after EPA’s MACT rules took effect, most FRP fabricators have complied via process modifications or low-styrene resins. But some big players have invested in much more elaborate technology.

Low-Profile Additives for Pultrusion, SMC, BMC
Reichhold, Inc., Research Triangle Park, N.C., is rounding out its product line by offering low-profile additives (LPAs) on their own, rather than as part of a resin system.

Resilient Pultrusion Resin Runs Faster
A new resilient terephthalic polyester for pultrusion is designed to match the properties of isophthalics while allowing 10% to 20% higher line speeds.

Plastic lumber

Polyurethane Was a New Attraction at Composites 2005 Show
PUR lumber and utility poles challenge standard thermoplastic and thermoset composites. Other show news included ‘tool-less’ molding and new resins and equipment.

Resin Film Infusion process

Air, Land and Sea: Composites Advance on All Fronts
Part II of our report on the leading international composites show includes news for everything from high-tech aircraft manufacturing to boat building and automotive SMC.


Composites Show Features Cost-Saving, Low-HAP Materials
Making high-strength composites less expensively was the dominant theme of the recent Composites 2003 Show in Anaheim, Calif., sponsored by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (formerly the Composites Fabricators Association). Among the stars of the show were the vacuum infusion process (VIP), along with a number of new resins—including several non-traditional material chemistries—and new initiators. (New reinforcements, fillers, additives, and equipment will be covered in future articles.)The closed-mold VIP method is attracting a growing following from spray-up fabricators who want to meet the EPA’s MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) standards for hazardous air-pollutant (HAP) emissions, which take effect in 2006.

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