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How COVID-19 Did (and Didn’t) Change Automation in Plastics

The global pandemic invigorated longstanding trends and new market forces to push broad-based adoption of automation and robotics from the incremental to the inexorable.

Sepro Introduces Medical and Pharmaceutical Application Robot Line

Sepro Group says its MED Series of 3-, 5- and 6-axis robots is equipped with the features medical customers have been requesting for robots sold into ISO 7 and 8 clean room applications.

General-Purpose 5-axis Robot Range Redesigned

Building off the display of a prototype at K 2019, Sepro has finished the redesign of its Success robot range with three models, including ones with five-axis operation.

How to Plan and Implement Automation in an Injection Molding Plant

There is no “one size fits all” solution in automation. When considering what it would look like in your plant, hone in on the staff, products, space, and goals that are specific to you and the automation system that you will be installing.  

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