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What is the X Factor in Robots & Automation?

The red X in the model names of Sepro’s 5- and 6-axis robots stands for many things, among them:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Power
  • Flexibility
  • User-friendliness

The X also indicates that these high-performance robots give you two or three extra axes of motion beyond the basic 3-axis Cartesian configuration, enabling them to do more to improve your productivity. If you need a robot simply to remove a part from the molding machine so as to allow rapid, repeatable cycling, a 3-axis robot is probably all you need. However, when you need to ask more of the robot – additional manipulation options inside the mold or outside the machine – that’s when you need the X Factor.

Conventional 3-axis robots use servo drive on the primary X, Y and Z axes in combination with a pneumatically powered wrist, but Sepro X robots use servo motors exclusively on all axes. This allows the robot to complete very complicated motions very quickly, very precisely and with perfect repeatability. It can even move simultaneously through more than one axis. Thus, it becomes easier to extract large, complex parts with minimal clearance between mold halve or tie bars, or to position parts for secondary operations.


Servos also make the robot more flexible. In applications requiring frequent mold changes, for instance, there are no mechanical adjustments to be made. All settings are in the form of digital programming, which can be loaded instantly. It also becomes possible to use simpler end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), since the servo wrist more easily compensates for minor misalignments.



Today’s servo-driven 5-axis Cartesian robots have the advantage of top-entry speed for shorter cycle times as well as the flexibility inside and outside the mold of an articulated-arm robot.  Thus, 5-axis robots can perform many of the complex part-manipulation tasks historically assigned to 6-axis articulated arm units.

The Sepro 5X Line and 7X Line are premium robots developed for more complex applications. The 5X Line features three models sized to serve molding machines between 30 and 800 tons of clamp. The three models in the 7X Line are larger, targeted at applications involving molding machines with 700 to 5000 tons of clamp. For less complex and simple pick-and-place applications, Sepro has introduced Success Line X. The new robot range, which combines a redesigned Success 3-axis platform with a 2-axis servo wrist co-developed with Yaskawa Motoman, brings new levels of flexibility to general-purpose molding on machines from 20 to 700 tons.



The original multi-axis robots, 6-axis articulated units have an arm that is similar, in many ways, to the human arm. It can rotate around its base like the human limb rotates around the shoulder. It can bend in the middle like a human elbow and it has a wrist that can rotate and move the hand in an up-and-down arc. An articulated-arm robot can grip an object at almost any angle and at almost any point within its reach, which can extend 360° around its base. Thus a 6-axis robot has a larger working envelope than a Cartesian unit and often can be found in applications that require multiple robotic operations outside the mold space. The speed of articulated-arm robots has increased in recent years to a point where it is comparable in many motions, but beam robots are generally regarded as being faster at moving into and out of the mold space to retrieve parts.

Sepro offers two lines of 6-axis articulated-arm robots: a premium range developed in partnership with Stäubli Robotics, with four models intended for molding machines from 20 to 1300 tons, and a second, built with Yaskawa Motoman, is aimed at general and automotive applications on IMMs from 20 to 5000 tons.



When it comes to high-performance 5- and 6-axis robots, Sepro gives you more choices than any other supplier – five distinct robot families with 22 different models for molding machines from 20 to 5000 tons.

Whatever Sepro X-line robot you need, whether it’s a 5-axis Cartesian beam robot or a 6-axis articulated-arm unit, you’ll be getting the extra speed, extra accuracy, extra power and extra flexibility that all-axis servo drive gives you. And you’ll be getting the extra user-friendliness of Sepro Visual control – a single control platform, developed by Sepro specifically for injection-molding applications, that makes it easy to program and operate any of our robots, from the simplest pick-and-place application to the most complex automation system.


Be sure you have the X Factor working for you!



A Message from Sepro America, LLC

Company Profile

Sepro has been an important name in automation in North America for 20 years and is the global #1 supplier of robots for injection-molding machines over 1000 tons.


Many people think of robots as labor-saving devices, but this is only part of the picture.

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