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Recycling: New Software Allows Real-Time Remote Access

Recycling: New Software Allows Real-Time Remote Access
The system is available for the complete Starlinger product range and has been designed with this portfolio in mind, but machines of other manufacturers can be integrated as well.

PET bales

Extrupet Adds Second Starlinger PET Recycling Line
Extrupet Group has ordered a second Starlinger PET recycling line to meet the country’s growing demand for rPET.

Starlinger recoSTAR PET

Starlinger Lines Now at Three Locations of rPET Producer CarbonLITE
Starlinger recycling technology will deliver PET recycling lines with a total installed capacity of 5.4 tons/hour for CarbonLITE’s new site in Pennsylvania at the end of the year.

starlinger recoSTAR PET

Starlinger Tech Helps To Increase PET Bottle Recycling for Austrian Recycler
In 2018, the Austrian plastics recycler PET to PET Recycling increased the number of PET bottles it recycled by 9% using technology from Starlinger. 

recoSTAR dynamic 145 with C-VAC module

Starlinger Offers Greater Efficiency For Film Recyclers With The recoSTAR Dynamic 145
The introduction of this line was prompted by inquiries from film recyclers; the first three machines are currently being installed.

PET Bottles Recycled into Fiber

Recycling Breathes New Life into Textile Leader
Fiber producer Unifi reinvents itself as a plastics recycler that turns PET bottles into recycled fibers.

Erema Intarema 1108 T

Recycling/Scrap Reclaim at NPE2018: Technology Focuses on Boosting Regrind Consistency, Pellet Quality
There will be no shortage of new technology and highlights of the latest trends in recycling and sustainability at NPE2018.

Packaging from rPET flakes

Bottle-To-Bag Technology For Making Woven-Tape FIBCs From rPET
Starlinger is exhibiting an rPET FIBC at Booth W6885 along with a “smelling table” that highlights “smell-improved” regranulate.

Canadian Water Bottler Gets More Than Expected From New PET Recycling Line
Bottle-to-bottle PET recycling line recycles pre-washed post-consumer PET bottle flake.

Starlinger Unveils New RecoSTAR Dynamic 215
The first recoSTAR dynamic 215 recycling line will be supplied to a customer in Spain, where it will be used for reprocessing post-consumer EPS packaging waste.

Top Recycling Stories of 2015

Top Recycling Stories of 2015
As PT’s Editorial Director Jim Callari wrote earlier this year: recycling is here to stay.

Corotating twin-screw extruder

Recycling & Scrap Reclaim at NPE 2003
Most of the news to be found at NPE in post-consumer recycling comes from Europe and concerns direct recycling of PET flake into sheet without repelletizing.

screw compactor

K 2004 Wrap-Up on Recycling & Scrap Reclaim: Turn Trash to Cash with New Compactors, Shredders and Grinders
Topping recycling news at the latest giant K Show in Dusseldorf, Germany, were new compactor technologies for films and foams that can densify plastic waste for recycling and even mold finished parts—not just save space in a landfill.

Machinery News Aplenty At Interplas Show in England
Interplas 99 in Birmingham held news in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, RIM, and recycling.

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