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Your Custom Compound Specialist

With an accomplished full service laboratory to develop, test, and compound materials, Star Plastics offers high quality custom color compounding (known for lot-to-lot consistency), tolling, sourcing and supplying polymers.

Star Plastics is a custom polymer compounding company of engineering grade resins (including ABS, PC, and PC Alloys) with an emphasis on pre-colored materials. We introduce additives such as glass, flame-retardant, UV inhibitors, release agents, and other modifiers to create your custom polymer compound. From how the product is molded to what environmental stressors it’s required to withstand in the field, the Star team works with you to satisfy your application’s specific needs and make well-informed suggestions based off decades of industry experience. Our technical support team is adept at traveling on-site to customers to troubleshoot any processing, equipment, or material issues.

With all of Star’s plastic compounding services, we are known for lot-to-lot consistency. Our reputation is based on quality products; the product you expect is the product you get the first time and every time you place an order. Our UL recognition and ability to produce materials in small lots to high volumes makes Star Plastics your go-to resource for custom polymer compounding.

A Message from Star Plastics, Inc.

About Star Plastics

Star Plastics, Inc. is a dependable compounder of engineering grade thermoplastics headquartered in Ravenswood, West Virginia, and has been in business for 30 years.

PolymerVault: Material Marketing

Star Plastics’ polymer sourcing and supply material marketing division is represented via PolymerVault: a business unit dedicated to sourcing and supplying various polymers to the marketplace.

Tolling Services

With 11 lines of various sizes, both single and twin screw, we have the equipment to successfully complete nearly any toll processing project.

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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Star Plastics and LATI Partner to Expand Availability of Specialty Engineered Compounds
The Star Plastics/LATI global alliance will expand material offerings in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Star Plastics Recycled-Content Materials Receive New UL Environmental Certification
The UL Environmental (ULE) certified over 25 grades of Star Plastics’ ABS, PC, ABS and PC compounded products, which all contain a range of 5% to 85% recycled plastic.

Materials: Cold-Temperature Impact PC Copolymer
Star Plastics’ new addition to its StarPrime line is a PC copolymer which boasts improved impact at extreme temperatures.

How Two Compounders Step Up to Meet Rising Demand for Recycle Content
Two compounders that specialize in engineering thermoplastics for technical applications discuss what they are doing to meet demands for PCR compounds.

Materials: PC, ABS and Blends with Up to 50% Recycled Content for Broad Range of Applications
Star Plastics’ new ReStart product line boasts a sustainable materials solution that delivers quality parts and reduced waste.

Product Categories of Star Plastics, Inc.

ASA Copolymers and Alloys
Custom Compounding, Formulating--Thermoplastics
Custom Size-reduction (Grinding) Services
Flame Retardants/Smoke Suppressants
Impact Modifiers
Materials Testing Services
Nylon--Type 6/66 Copolymer
Nylon--Type 66
Polycarbonate/ABS Alloys
Polycarbonate/Polyester Alloy
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--Other Types
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PBT Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PET Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PETG Type
Recycled/Reprocessed Materials--Pelletized Form
Recycling--Purchasing Scrap or Waste Plastics
UV Stabilizers

Trade Names

Star Prime