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20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 4

20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 4
Good news was there if you knew where to look for it—in the pages of Plastics Technology magazine or right here on our website. Here’s a review of headlines you can feel good about.

Additives: Transparent Impact Modifier for rPET

Additives: Transparent Impact Modifier for rPET
Sukano’s new impact modifier masterbatch can replace specialized copolyester resins with modified recycled or virgin PET for monolayer packaging. 

Opaque White Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Proven with 100% rPET

Opaque White Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Proven with 100% rPET
Swiss masterbatch producer Sukano and French PET bottle machinery builder Sidel collaborated on a project to confirm the bottle-to-bottle recyclability of opaque white light-barrier PET dairy bottles.

Additives: Novel Multifunctional Masterbatch Boosts PET Bottle Production Efficiency
Sukano’s novel ‘mobility’ masterbatch allows bottle makers and brand owners to run conveyor belts and robots at maximized speed. 

Additives News at K 2013
More economical, higher performing, sustainable, and more finely tailored to specific applications—those features summarize the key advantages claimed for new additives showcased at K 2013.

Conference Report: Bioplastics Are Breaking Out of Their 'Green' Niche
The excitement in the air of the recent Innovation Takes Root conference was a sense of arrival.

Bioserie smartphone cases

Materials Additives & Blends Take PLA Upscale
The second conference on biopolymers hosted by NatureWorks testified to the burgeoning interest in this new field of plastics.

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