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As Seen In Plastics Technology

2019 SPE Auto Innovation Award Winners
There were many ‘firsts’ with broad transferability.

First CFRTP for High-Volume Production Vehicles Now in Use
Teijin’s Sereebo carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic selected by GM for use in select pickup box applications. 

The “Holy Grail” of PC Glazing Appears on the Sporty Electric Tommykaira ZZ

The “Holy Grail” of PC Glazing Appears on the Sporty Electric Tommykaira ZZ
Teijin has developed the world’s first “pillar-less” PC windshield for a commercial car.

New Hard-Coating Technology for Large, Curved Auto Glazing
New plasma CVD coating over a wet coating offers wider design freedom than previous hard coats.

This screw is fabricated from rod stock.

Bio-Resins Tackle Durable Applications
Bioplastics were initially created for single-use applications like packaging and hotel key and gift cards.

Hot rollers at Plantic

What's Ahead for 'Green' Plastics: Look for More Supply, More Varieties, Better Properties
Major chemical companies are investing big bucks in new plants and technologies to produce plastics from annually renewable sources, not from petrochemicals.

Special pigments can add electro-luminescent lighting to PC auto glazing

New Materials on a Fast Track for Molded Auto Glazing
Injection molding of polycarbonate automotive window and roof glazing is an emerging market that offers weight savings up to 50%, greater styling freedom and potential for parts integration (ribs or brackets) that glass cannot match.

Panoramic roofing systems

Auto Glazing: Window of Opportunity for Molders
This emerging market promises to be big but challenging. Polycarbonate car windows require specialized machinery, high-end processing capability, premium polymers, advanced coating technologies, and innovative mold and runner designs.

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