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Resin pricing February 2018

Downward Pricing Trajectory for PP; Upward for PE, PS, PVC, PET
Commodity resin prices climbed in the first week of February, with the exception of PP, which spiked in January and is now correcting along with propylene monomer.

January 2018 resin prices

‘What’s Up…or Down’ with Commodity Resin Prices
PE and PP were on the rise, while PS held steady, PET fell and PVC was mixed.

Market Resin Prices effective mid-January

PE, PVC Prices Down; PP, PS, PET Up
But what’s going up could go down again soon.

Resin Prices Mid-December 2017

Mixed Bag for Volume Resin Prices
As hurricane aftermath recedes, PE, PS, PVC prices are retreating; engineering resins are rising; PP and PET are “iffy.”

Resin Prices Mid-November 2017

Resin Prices Up, But Not for Long
A turnaround is foreseen for PE, PP, PS, PVC, and PET, based on supply-demand balance and/or feedstock costs.

Resin pricing November 2017

Firm to Upward Pricing Still Dominates Commodity Resins, But…
A turnaround quite possible for some resins by early 2018 depending on feedstock costs and supply-demand balance.

Resin Prices October 2017

Prices of All Resins Surge
Despite a faster-than-expected recovery from Hurricane Harvey, the industry still faces challenges on the way to ‘getting back to normal.’

October 2017 resin prices

Elevated Resin Prices Continue for Now
Steady improvement underway though challenges remain.

resin pricing october 2017

Resin Pricing Update as October Approaches
Firm pricing indicated by PCW & The Plastics Exchange

Resin Pricing September 2017

Hurricane Lifts Resin Prices Across the Board
Length of Hurricane Harvey’s impact on feedstocks and resins is still uncertain.

September 2017 resin pricing

Resin Prices Rise in Mid-September
Harvey helps push up PP, PE, PS, PVC and PET pricing.

Resin prices Hurricane Harvey

Harvey's Aftermath: Upwards Movement for All Commodity Resins Prices
Hurricane Harvey’s impact continues though some impressive production and supply recovery is underway.

PE resin price trends September 2017

Commodity Resin Prices Generally Flat
The exceptions are PS and PET, though they may have bottomed out last month.

NOAA Gulf of Mexico Satellite Image

Latest PCW Update on Tropical Storm Harvey: Polyolefins
Several monomer and resin shutdowns have been underway with several coming before then Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

resin prices August 2017

PCW Adds PS to its Weeklies Just as a Reverse Trajectory Emerges
Price hikes possible for PS; no relief for PVC or PP, while PE up in air.

resin prices

PP, PE, PVC Prices All Headed Up?
The push from suppliers is there but how much, if at all, do the market fundamentals support it?

Resin Prices Mid-July 2017

PE Flat, PP Moving Up; PS, PVC, PET Flat-to-Down
Resin and monomer production disruptions halted further price decreases, but there’s still downward potential.

resin prices June 2017

Most Resin Prices Down or Flat; PC and Nylon 66 Up for Now
Falling feedstock prices are a key driver as we enter the third quarter.

Commodity Resin Prices Falling
Lower feedstock costs, improved supplies, lower export prices are among key factors.

Polyolefin Pricing Update: Moving Towards May
Looks like PE prices remain flat while PP prices are poised for bigger drop than previously thought.

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