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As Seen In Plastics Technology

LM Industries’ 3D-printed “Olli” shuttle.

Self-Driving Shuttle Built on Giant 3D Printer
LM Industries builds eight-person shuttle vehicle on 40-ft printer.

Thermwood LSAM

LM Industries Accelerating 3D-Printed Vehicles
LM Industries’ subsidiary Local Motors is reinventing traditional auto manufacturing as the original gold standard for 3D-printed vehicles.

AM’s Getting ‘Bigger’ In More Than Just Cars
Large-scale additive manufacturing is disrupting the (already disruptive) 3D printing field.

Thermwood Begins Initial Testing Of New AM System
Testing included initial validation of patent-pending MeltShape Technology, a new technique for enhanced control of layer shape and improved bonding between layers.

The Next 'Big' Thing in 3D Printing

The Next 'Big' Thing in 3D Printing
Big Area Additive Manufacturing, or BAAM, is attracting entrepreneurs and machinery developers.

Machine Safety Is a Moving Target
Plastics processors and other manufacturers have to keep up with a lot of new federal, state, and local regulations on all sorts of subjects—taxes, health insurance, environmental protection, and lots more, not the least of which is worker safety.

Product Categories of Thermwood Corporation

Cutting Tools
Machining, Drilling, Routing Equipment
Machining, Routing Software
Product & Tool Design, Analysis Software (CAD/CAM/CAE)