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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Polykemi Swiftly Responds with Material Delivery to Manufacturer of Respirators
Polykemi’s PP-based compound urgently needed for respirator filtration components in the fight against Coronavirus.

2019 SPE Auto Innovation Award Winners Shined with Several 'Firsts' and Broad Transferability
Making its mark, additive manufacturing had its own category for the second year and was used in the winner of the aftermarket category.

2019 SPE Auto Innovation Award Winners
There were many ‘firsts’ with broad transferability.

Next-Generation Technologies Benefit Demand for LCPs
‘5G’ and ‘3D printing’ are key drivers in growing demand for LCPs according to FactMR study.

PolyOne’s thermally conductive compounds are used in automotive and E/E applications such as LED lighting, heat sinks and electronic enclosures.

A Bright Future for Thermally Conductive Plastics
Lighter weight, lower cost, and greater impact strength, moldability and customization are rapidly driving demand for thermoplastics that help keep electronics, lighting and car engines cool.

The 2017 Ford F-150's open/close valve actuation system--made of polyacetal+PTFE and nylon 6--won the powertrain category and was the grand award winner.

Several Thermoplastic 'Firsts' Among 2018 SPE Automotive Awards
With the addition of an Additive Manufacturing slot, all nine categories exemplify innovation and transferability in the use of plastics.

Nylon 66: Pricing & Supply Issues Spur Processors to Consider Alternatives
While the nylon 66 tightness may not prove long-lasting, resin suppliers, compounders, and distributors have mobilized to offer processors an array of ‘replacement’ materials. 

grille shutter on the 2018 Ford Expedition luxury SUV

Long Fiber PP Compounds Drive Innovation in Automotive
Long fiber thermoplastic polypropylene ( LFT PP) is now widely used in automotive front-end carriers, instrument-panel carriers, door panels, consoles, pedals, under-body shields and more.

PP LFT structural active grille shutter

Winners of 2017 SPE Automotive Awards Wow with Many ‘Firsts’
Innovative, transferable, and intelligent use of thermoplastics capture eight of nine categories.

New Materials Acquisitions and Development Collaborations
Both Celanese and Radici’s Itema have completed deals that expand their material offerings in engineering thermoplastics and composites, respectively.

air-intake manifold

Automotive Plastics: New Thermoplastic Solutions Redefine ‘Performance’ from All Angles
Lightweighting and resistance to heat, chemicals and weathering drive developments in thermoplastics for interiors, exteriors, underhood, powertrain and chassis.

Thermoplastics in Expanded Automotive Applications
From all angles, new thermoplastic solutions redefine ‘performance’.

Price Increases on Polyacetal and UHMW-PE Underway
POM, UHMW-PE join other commodity engineering resins in moving up in price.

Solvay Technyl 4 Earth nylon 66

New Resins & Additives Galore at K 2016
A wide range of interesting developments in materials technologies were sprinkled in with some intriguing announcements of new ventures at K 2016.

K2016 Reporter’s Notebook: Materials News
Celanese to offer PEEK, TPE; SABIC eyes new Gulf Coast facility; Covestro displays automotive, electronics innovations; and Baerlocher launches heat stabilizer for recycled resins.

3 Interesting Materials Finalists of SPE Auto Innovation Awards
Two novel injection molded components and a blow molded one made possible by modified or new materials.

New Nylon Entrant Brings Differentiated Technology to the Table
Celanese already has some grades of its nylon 6 and 66 offering available.

Body Exterior Finalists of SPE Auto Innovation Awards
Exterior applications meriting mention from the 2015 SPE Auto Innovation Awards include entrants from Ford and GM.

Body Interior Finalists SPE Auto Innovation Awards
Check out these interesting finalists of the 2015 SPE Automotive Innovation Awards within the body interior category.

Carbodeon Granted U.S. Patent for Nanodiamond-Containing Plastics
With thermally conductive plastics rapidly growing in demand, the addition of nanodiamonds to the arsenal of thermally-conductive fillers is only welcome.

Product Categories of Celanese Engineered Materials

Liquid Crystal Polymers
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PBT Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PCT Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PET Type
Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
Thermoplastic Elastomers--Polyester Type

Trade Names

Celanex® PBT
Celcon® POM
Celstran® CFR-TP
Celstran® LFRT
Compel® LFRT
Factor® LFT
Fortron® PPS
Hostaform® POM
Impet® PET
Riteflex® TPC-ET
Thermx® PCT
Vandar® PBT
Vectra® LCP
Zenite® LCP