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As Seen In Plastics Technology

PolySource Now an Official Topas COC Distribution Partner
Technically advanced materials distributor adds to its arsenal of specialty thermoplastics for healthcare and electronics.

Topas COC Resins Part of Polyplastics USA
Engineering thermoplastic resins supplier Polyplastics USA, Farmingdale, Mich., has acquired its affiliate Topas Advanced Polymers Inc. (TAP USA; U.S. office previously in Florence, Ky.), adding Topas’s cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) resins to its existing portfolio of acetal, PBT, and PPS engineering polymers.

Eastman and Sun Chemical shrink labels

Recycling Needs Drive Innovation in Sleeve Labels
Materials suppliers and film processors have been hard at work creating new label offerings compatible with PET bottle recycling.

LLDPE film structures with COC layers Topas

COC Boosts Performance in Multilayer LLDPE Packaging
TOPAS demonstrates COC’s significant performance enhancements at ANTEC 2017.

industrial scale 3D silicone rubber printer

K 2016 Proves Additive Manufacturing Has Staying Power
K 2016 made clear that additive manufacturing is establishing a prominent position at the triennial show among long-running mainstays like injection molding, extrusion, blowmolding and thermoforming.

New 3D Printer Uses COCs for Microfluidic Devices; ABS Terpolymer for 3D Printing
Specially designed 3D printer uses COCs for microfluidics; new ABS player promotes terpolymer for additive manufacturing.

Cyclic Olefin Copolymer: Alternative Resin For Medical Packaging
With Barex production winding down, processors serving the medical market are eyeing replacements. Some have already commercialized new packages with COC.

COC Used in Unique Crystallization Microplate
Topas's cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) selected for the In-Situ-1, an unusual crystallization microplate by MiTeGen LLC, Ithaca, N.Y.

Materials News at K 2013
There was no shortage of interesting materials developments at K 2013, in particular high-performance engineering thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites—much of them geared to automotive/transportation.

Glass-Like Colored COC for Pharma Packaging, Medical Devices
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A collaboration between Clariant Masterbatches, Holden, Mass., and Topas Advanced Polymers, Florence, Ky., is bringing bright, clear colors to pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices made of TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymer (COC). Clariant’s new precolored compounds and color concentrates are part of the Mevopur family of products developed for companies whose applications require risk control, product consistency, and regulatory compliance. “Topas COC has become the material of choice for pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices,” says Barbara Canale, healthcare market-development manager for Topas Advanced Polymers. “It offers high shine even in thick sections and, unlike resins such as polycarbonate and polyester, has a non-reactive surface.

Add a Layer of COC to Boost Polyolefin Film Properties
As a discrete layer in coextruded polyolefin film, cyclic olefin copolymer provides higher modulus, greater heat resistance, improved thermoformability, and increased barrier

Topas COC added to a polyolefin makes stand-up pouches stiffer.

Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Enhances Polyolefin Blends for Film Packaging
Cyclic olefin copolymer (COC ) is an amorphous thermoplastic that is finding increased utility as a blending agent in polyolefin packaging films for medical, consumer, and industrial markets.

Four Key Markets Drive Material Advances At K 2010
Last fall’s K 2010 fair in Germany drew dozens of materials suppliers to show off hundreds of new products, aimed especially at packaging,medical, automotive, and electrical/electronics.

Ultramid Endure

K 2010 Preview, Materials Higher Performance, Better Processing, And Now Sustainability Share Spotlight at K
The K 2010 show will present new plastics materials for a wide range of industries, which makes it hard to generalize, but a few markets stand out prominently: packaging, medical, automotive, and electronic equipment.

Micromolding with COC
A pretty impressive example of micro injection molding is this “microwell array,” which has millions of tiny wells measuring 3 microns in diam. and 3 microns deep, with a pitch of 6.5 microns.

Novel tamper-evident thermoformed packages

Machine and Material Innovations Highlight SPE Thermoforming Conference
The industry’s largest twin-sheet thermoformer and the first North American source of halogen heaters were among the machinery and equipment developments at the recent 17th Annual SPE Thermoforming Conference in Cincinnati.

New Firm Gets Ticona's Topas COC
Topas Advanced Polymers (TAP) is a new joint venture that has acquired the Topas cyclic-olefin copolymer (COC) business of Ticona.

Product Categories of TOPAS COC

Antiblocking Agents
Cyclo-olefin Polymers
Ethylene Copolymers and Alloys - Other
Heat-Distortion Modifiers
Slip Agents

Trade Names

TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymers