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Blow Molding: Something for Everyone at K Show
Packaging, industrial, continuous-extrusion, accumulator-head, injection-blow, stretch-blow, EPET, foam, sandwich co-injection—the blow molding news was wide ranging at K 2019.

The New Uniloy Plans Numerous Machine Developments

The New Uniloy Plans Numerous Machine Developments
Starting with barrier coinjection at K 2019, Uniloy plans new blow molding machinery developments across four product lines.

Milacron joins Hillenbrand’s industrial holdings, which include Coperion and Rotex.

Hillenbrand Inc. to Acquire Milacron Holdings
Milacron joins Coperion, Rotex, and other industrial holdings under the Hillenbrand umbrella.

Uniloy Completes Separation from Milacron

Uniloy Completes Separation from Milacron
Brian Marston remains in charge of the new Uniloy, Inc.

Uniloy UR Series

Milacron Divests Its Blow Molding Machinery
Milacron sells Uniloy blow molding business to investment firms; Brian Marston remains in charge.

Uniloy M-Series M12.53ED blow molding machine

New All-Electric Shuttle Blow Molder from Uniloy
Milacron’s newest Uniloy all-electric shuttle is operating in the FGH booth.

Hesta 700

Blow Molding: New Machines Take on Challenging Shapes
From very small to very large, from hotel amenity bottles to automotive jounce bumpers, new and upgraded machines tackle difficult jobs while improving productivity, quality, and energy efficiency.

Molded HDPE dock wheels

Blow Molding Challenges Embraced at Metro Mold
“Others mold difficult parts. We mold the impossible.”

Ahead of the Curve in Recycling
A pioneer in recycling milk bottles built a thriving business in plastic lumber, but blow molding with PCR has proved a longer, harder road to success.

“Winning With the Lifecycle Approach”

“Winning With the Lifecycle Approach”
Milacron reimagines its role in the plastics industry.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: New Packaging & Industrial Machines
Several new wheels, a reciprocating-screw system for industrial parts, and a host of new PET machines debuted in Orlando.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: Energy Savings, Lightweighting & Flexibility
New machines are mostly all-electric, hybrid, or servo-hydraulic.

Two New Alliances in Microcellular Foams
Trexel has licensed Milacron to supply turnkey MuCell systems for injection and blow molding, and joined with Lubrizol to develop a new TPU foam technology.

Two New Blow Molding Tech Centers
Uniloy offers a range of new and expanded services for extrusion blow and injection-blow molders.

Custom Structural Foam: A Small But Thriving Niche
How to succeed in the small but busy world of custom structural foam? Maximize your pounds per hour and use robots.

Blow Molding News at K 2013
All-electric machines of all types were the stars of the show, but there were a number of other noteworthy developments.

Uniloy Milacron Opens Blow Molding Lab, Unifies Global Market Strategy
Uniloy Milacron, Tecumseh, Mich., has launched two new initiatives.

K 2013 Preview: Blow Molding
Of the six machine builders who were willing to pull back the curtain even a little, five of them said they’d be showcasing all-electric presses. That remarkable fact suggests that all-electric technology, which has been a much harder sell in blow molding than in injection molding, is at last starting to find traction.

All-Electric Blow Molding Is Reaching the Tipping Point
After years of talk, all-electric blow molding machines seem poised to make advances.

Blow Molding at NPE: Speed, Quality & Flexibility Take Center Stage
Wheel machines in particular will be on display.

Controls are the key to multi-head accumulator blow molding.

How to Manage Multiple Heads in Accumulator Blow Molding
Don’t believe the myth that you can’t successfully run an accumulator-head machine with more than one head.

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