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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Automation: Cobot Adds Interface for Easier Integration With Injection Molding Machines
Universal Robots has developed an Injection Molding Machine Interface (IMMI) supported by EUROMAP 67 and SPI AN-146 communication protocols, simplifying cobot/machine integration.

At K 2019, BBM demonstrated a new all-electric shuttle blow molder for stackable jerrycans. Inside the machine is a Universal Robots six-axis cobot for takeout and trimming.

What ‘Cobots’ Can Do for Blow Molders
Low-cost and easy-to-program collaborative robots are a new solution to bottle handling, trimming and packing automation.

Automation: Kit Turns Cobots into Autonomous Bin Pickers
Universal Robots says ActiNav allows its cobots to autonomously extract parts from a bin and place them with precision and orientation.

Automation: Vacuum Gripper Now Compatible with Wider Range of Cobots
Piab’s piCobot vacuum-cup gripper now fits all brands of cobots.

Bigger, Faster, Lower-Cost Robots at K 2019
Three, four, five and six axes; high speed and high payload capacities; low-cost models; and collaborative robots made news at K. There were also QMC systems and AGVs.

Teradyne Plans New Cobot Hub for Portfolio Companies UR and MiR
Teradyne, parent to Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and Universal Robots (UR), is investing $36 million in a new shared “cobot hub” in Denmark for its portfolio companies.

Cobot Supplier Launches Leasing Program
Universal Robots has paired with DLL to offer manufacturers a leasing program for its line of cobots and peripheries.

Tenere Shapes Market Niche Where Metal and Plastics Meet
Joining metal and plastics to target some of today’s most dynamic industries, contract manufacturer Tenere reinvented itself—and its customer list—in 2016.

Automation: New Cobot Does the Heavy Lifting
Universal Robots brings out new collaborative robot with higher payload capacity—35 lb.

Multi-brand EOAT compatibility simplifies programming, training and purchasing.

Use the Same End-of-Arm Tooling Across Cobot Brands
At east nine brands of cobots and light industrial robots can use the same OnRobot quick-change tooling.

Kassow 7-axis cobot.

People-Friendly Robotics: Another Danish Cobot Arrives on U.S. Market
Kassow Robots of Denmark is introducing seven-axis cobots here through Gibson Engineering.

Kassow offers 7-axis cobots in a range of sizes.

Another Danish Cobot Debuts in U.S.
Kassow Robots is now represented here by Gibson Engineering.

Six-axis articulated-arm robots get their name from the six distinct rotations that allow it to grip an object at almost any angle and at almost any point within its reach.

AUTOMATION—PART 2 When to Consider Six-Axis Articulated-Arm Robots
Extraordinary versatility suits articulated-arm robots to a wide variety of operations, from loading inserts and unloading parts to decorating, assembly and testing. They also pair well with Cartesian robots. Many mounting options and improved speed and ease of programming add to their flexibility.

UR cobot uses a vision system to pick up and orient caps before assembling them onto a molded part.

‘Cobot’ Molding Assistants Take on New Challenges
They’re not just for packing boxes anymore. Collaborative robots are proving themselves capable of more sophisticated machine-tending tasks.

At Dynamic Group, a small injection molder in Ramsey, Minn., a Universal Robots UR10 cobot handles the entire injection molding process.

AUTOMATION—PART 3 Cobots: The New Option for Injection Molders
Take all the versatility of an articulated-arm robot, and add the ability to work safely in proximity to humans without guarding, and you have a new option for freeing workers from repetitive operations.

Juergen van Holland (l.), president of Universal Robots, signing deal with Jean-Michel Renaudeau, CEO of Sepro Group.

Robot & Cobot Makers Are Pairing Up
Sepro adds its Visual controls to UR collaborative robots.

LiftKit adds a vertical seventh axis to UR robots.

Automation: New Accessories for Cobots
A vertical seventh axis and abrasive sander attachment for UR cobots.

UR5 cobot placing two tiny inserts into the mold, then demolding finished parts and runner.

Cobots Help Molder Find ‘Right Balance’ Between People and Automation
Short-run, quick-turn custom molder uses collaborative robots selectively to make people more productive.

Molding 2019 Robots and automation

The Automated Molding Shop Is Here; Are You Ready?
Robotic installation records are being smashed the world over, making it likely that your competitors (here and abroad) are automating—are you up on the latest technologies and best practices?

A dozen Markforged 3D printers for prototypes and short runs at EVCO Plastics.

Full Plate of New Technologies on the Table at EVCO Plastics
A new low-pressure molding process, 3D printing of production parts and prototype tooling, collaborative robots, and process monitoring with automatic QC are all on the menu.

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