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As Seen In Plastics Technology

New Central Blending System Offers Greater Accuracy, Flexibility

New Central Blending System Offers Greater Accuracy, Flexibility
Developed by Israel’s LIAD and available from Ampacet, system features dedicated ingredient weighing hoppers conveyed to specific machines to eliminate the risk of batch contamination.

Auxiliary Equipment Vet Thiele Starts On-Line Consulting Venture
Vactec On-Line will troubleshoot and assist customers quickly and efficiently on a myriad of issues without the time and expense of on-site consulting.

RaBends were designed by Vactec for conveying abrasive materials, such as 40% glass-filled nylon, as an alternative to long-radius or cast-alloy elbows.

Conveying Elbows Handle 40% Glass-Filled Nylon
Lighter and cheaper than cast alternatives, new stainless-steel conveying elbows utilize a plastics-specific geometry and proprietary internal coating to withstand filled materials.

Multi-Material Diverter Valve from Vactec

Material Handling: Versatile Diverter Valve Meets Industry 4.0 Objectives
Standard sizes are 1.5-4 in.; the unit can be easily mounted horizontally or vertically.

Resin Conveying: No More ‘Spaghetti Bowl’
You now have technology choices to avoid the maze of conveying tubes that form a ‘spaghetti bowl’ or ‘rat’s nest’ in a central materials-handling system. Here’s how they stack up.

K 2013: More Efficient, Flexible & User-Friendly Auxiliaries
It’s hard to generalize about auxiliary equipment, but a few trends stood out at K, including: greater energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and cleaning, controls that provide more real-time and historical process information and greater ease of use.

Put the Oomph Back in Your Vacuum System
You can make these enhancements to your resin conveying with a better understanding of three critical elements: Air, vacuum receivers, and piping.

Avoid Those Devilish ‘Angel Hairs’
Angel hairs wreak havoc on plastics processing: clogging filters, plugging conveying lines, causing feed problems at the blender, and jamming up machine throats. Here's how to prevent their formation.

Product Categories of VACTEC LLC

Blenders (non-intensive)
Box Tilters
Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
Dryers for Resins
Hopper Loaders
Hoppers, Bins, Tanks
Metering, Proportioning Equipment
Semi-bulk Containers
Valves, Gates, Diverters
Weigh Scales