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A Message from VAC-U-MAX

About VAC-U-MAX: Bulk Material Handling & Industrial Hygiene Solutions

Since 1954, VAC-U-MAX has specialized in the pneumatic transfer of powders, pellets, pigments, additives, fibers, flakes, and other granular materials - designing and manufacturing process automation systems for receipt-to-process bulk material transfer.

Signature Series(TM) 5-Part “Plug-and-Play” Packaged Conveying Solutions

VAC-U-MAX Signature SeriesTM offers plastics processors a quick and easy packaged solution for conveying powders, pigments, flakes, fibers, wood flour, pellets and other granular. "Plug-and-Play" Packaged Systems are available in 1500 SeriesTM for conveying rates from handfuls to 1500 lbs/hr (680 kg/hr) or 3500 SeriesTM for conveying rates up to 3500 lbs/hr (1600 kg/hr). Each 5-part system includes pick-up wand, convey hose, vacuum receiver with automatic pulse filter cleaning, vacuum producer, and UL-listed controls.

Feeder / Hopper Refill Systems

Feeder Refill Systems - Quick, Clean, Continuous Hopper / Feeder Refill  VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveying Systems offer the quickest and cleanest option for refilling loss-in-weight feeders - easily integrated into volumetric feeder refill applications.

PREVIEW VIDEO: Air-Operated Industrial Vac for Fine Powders / Combustible Dusts

VAC-U-MAX MDL15 - ATEX Certified Industrial Vac for Fine Powders & Combustible Dusts PREVIEW VIDEO!

Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems - Industrial Hygiene Solutions

Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems for Continuous Dust Control VAC-U-MAX central vacuum cleaning systems for granular materials, powders, and combustible dusts - offer continuous 24/7 operation.

Bulk Bag Unloaders for Powders and Granular Materials

The ActivatorTM Bulk Bag Unloading System offers a wide variety of options to meet specific bag sizes, bag handling requirements and bulk material characteristics.

Bag Dump Station with Integrated LoadLifter & Dust Collection

When material must be dumped from bags, Vac-U-Max bag dump stations provide operators with a means for doing so at a convenient level, with less chance of material spillage and with provision for the evacuation of any dust that may result from the dumping.

Advanced Pulsonics Bin Activator System Increases Flow of Dry Bulk Solids

VAC-U-MAX’s Pulsonics Bin Activator System is designed to instantly clear bins, hoppers, silos and other mass flow devices of compacted solids, removing disruptive materials from channels, ducts and recesses.

Direct Charge Loading Systems for Blenders, Mixers & Reactors

Direct-charge blender loading systems, in lieu of manual loading techniques, bring many benefits to process manufacturing including reduced downtime between batches, improved batch repeatability and quality, reduced risk of OSHA-related ergonomic and safety injuries, improved plant air quality and industrial hygiene, and most importantly, reduced manufacturing costs.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Pre-Engineered Vs. Custom Vacuum Conveying Systems for Compounding and Extrusion
When it comes to vacuum conveying systems for plastics processing, custom powder handling solutions are not always required. Pre-engineered, turnkey solutions can be a perfect option for powders and bulk solids in a wide range of industries.

Top 10 Tips for Designing Vacuum Conveying Systems
Vacuum conveying systems for powders and difficult-to-convey materials involves a starting point and a destination where hazards need to be avoided along the way. Here are the top 10 tips to design a system to maximize movement and minimize dust exposure. 

dilute phase vacuum conveying

10 Things to Know When Specifying Vacuum Conveying Systems for Powders
The priority is to maximize movement of powders while minimizing dust exposure.

Product Categories of VAC-U-MAX

Automation/Systems Integration
Bag and Drum Dumpers
Cleaning Systems for Hardware
Cleaning Systems for Plastics Parts
Closed-loop Process Control Systems
Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
Conveyors (parts-handling)
Dispensing Equipment for Reactive Resin Systems
Dust Removal Equipment
Hopper Loaders
Hoppers, Bins, Tanks
Level Sensors and Controls
Metering, Proportioning Equipment
Pneumatic Components (including Compressors)
Vacuum Pumps
Valves, Gates, Diverters
Weigh Scales

Trade Names

AEROCON Aero-Mechanical Conveyors
AERO-FLEX Flexible Screw Conveyors
Signature Series(TM)