Digital Demos

Gain More Control From Your Process

PSI Polymer discusses polymer gear pumps and why they’ve become necessary in extrusion.

Digital Demos

Accelerating New Product Development with Quick Turn Tools: Raising the Bar of 3D Printed Tool Performance

This demo will showcase Fortify's methods used at their in-house molding center to back up these claims - including competitive benchmarking.


Quantifying the Appearance of Plastics

Gloss, reflection haze, and transmission haze are three of the most prevalent effects on the appearance of plastics. With the help of multifunctional tools like gloss meters and spectrophotometers manufacturers can measure these visual affects to ensure the integrity of a products appearance from start to end. 

Injection Molding

Melt-Temperature Measurement Shows New Potential for Monitoring & Control

Unique melt-measurement system provides new types of data for quality and process control. A new version is coming soon.
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Making Cooling Time Productive With a Shuttle Mold System

The Shuttle Mold system enables users to inject parts in two molds with a single injector, turning cooling time for one part into productive time for another.

Feeding & Blending

Clear Your Calendars for Plastics Technology 'Tech Days'

Beginning Oct. 8, we will be bringing exclusive, live, online technical content on a wide range of processing topics that you can access for free.
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PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Candy

With an AAGR of 11.8%, PE resin consumption is anticipated to reach 52.9 million lb in this market by 2022.

Film Extrusion

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Envelopes

One of the fastest-growing PE film markets is expected to grow at a clip of  of 5.2% a year through 2022.


PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Deli Bags and Wrap

With an average annual growth rate of 7.9%, PE resin consumption in this market is anticipated to reach 25.2 million lb in this market by 2022.


PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Converter Film

Market pegged to grow 5.7% yearly through 2022.