Molds & Tooling

New Molding & Moldmaking Event in Mexico Finds Success in Launch

The inaugural Meximold drew nearly 4000 attendees to Querétaro from all segments of the injection molding and moldmaking supply chain, with dates set for 2020 as more than 90% of exhibitors renewed their participation.

Molds & Tooling

Tension-Indicating ‘Smart’ Bolts Make Mold Mounting Safer, More Efficient

No more guessing about whether mold-mounting bolts are tightened properly, with an alternative to unreliable torque measurements.
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Post-Consumer Recycling

What Is the Circular Economy?

In this video from K 2019, hear NOVA Chemicals, TOMRA, Covestro, Rapid Granulator and SABIC each discuss plastics’ role in the circular economy. 
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Post-Industrial Recycling

K 2019 Video: Innovations in Recycling Machinery and Materials

From the K 2019 show floor, hear from Bengt Rimark of Rapid Granulator and Bob Maughan of SABIC as they talk about new recycling technology and developments.
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Molds & Tooling

K 2019: ReverseCube Puts New Spin on Multimaterial Molding

Foboha brought a new concept to the world of cube molds, splitting top from bottom to handle different materials.


Video: K 2019 Recycling View From Material and Machinery Suppliers

Plastics Technology's Heather Caliendo visited with NGR and DSM to learn about their role in the circular economy.
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K 2019: Injection Molding's Themes, Additive Manufacturing's Moves

Multiple injection molding machine suppliers shared market status and technology updates on the first day of K 2019, as did additive manufacturing maven, EOS.

Post-Consumer Recycling

Dow's Project MASARO Seeks to Create Blueprint for Zero-Waste Communities

Project MASARO provides communities in Indonesia with a closed loop waste management system, which processes many types of waste into valuable products, like fuel and fertilizer, that can be used by members of the community.

PET Processing

Call for Injection Molding Experts

Next March in Chicago, the Molding Conference will convene for the 30th time, and we’re currently seeking experts to share their injection insights.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing Helps Niche Manufacturer Bring Product to Market

PT sister publication Additive Manufacturing showcases an interesting example of a unique product manufactured via 3D printing.