VIDEO: Plastimagen Marches On

Only 49 days removed from a devastating earthquake and with the possibility of sweeping changes to a key trade deal looming, Plastimagen 2017 in Mexico City plowed forward.


3D Printing Biomaterials Make Push Into Medical Devices, Longer Term Implants

Group of companies is advancing biomaterials turning cellulose with thermoplastics made from sustainable resources into 3D printed medical devices.

Heating & Cooling

An Inside Look at Turbulent Flow

Years of talk about observing and studying coolant flow in a clear simulated cooling channel finally becomes a reality. Here’s how it all came together, and what it all means.

Injection Molding

VIDEO: Plastics Technology México’s First Event Draws a Crowd

A strong slate of speakers and exhibitors paired with a growing injection molding industry and hot local economy resulted in a successful inaugural event.

Blow Molding

P&G Launches Second Ocean Plastic Bottle Made From 100% Recycled Plastic

320,000 bottles—the largest production run of recyclable dish soap bottles in the world made using ocean plastic—will hit store shelves in Britain next year.

Injection Molding

App Offers Injection Molders Processing Guidance on Resins

With a few taps and swipes, you can find critical processing parameters to help you run materials you’ve never run before.


The Journey of Beach Plastics into New Shampoo Bottles

In a web exclusive report and video, Plastics Technology went directly to a source of P&G’s newest sustainable package: a San Diego beach.

Post-Consumer Recycling

Beach Plastic: A Recycling Story

Plastics Technology went to the beach in San Diego; not for surfing but to see first hand how local collection of beach plastic is enabling P&G's newest sustainable package.


Molder & Moldmaker Embraces Minimalist Tooling Philosophy

RenyMed’s niche consists of projects where it can offer not only molding, but help in designing and making the unique, compact, modular tools that are a company specialty.
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Engel Hosts Tech Symposium, Updates Global Expansion News

At a packaging and medical themed technology symposium at its technical center in California, the Austrian maker of molding machines and automation discussed global investments in its business.