Additives are materials that are added to the primary resin to improve the polymer’s processability or its performance or appearance in some way. They are used with virtually all polymers either at the compounding stage or during processing, when they may be dosed in via a blender. Some categories of additives include flame/smoke retardants, impact modifiers, process aids, colorants and clarifiers.

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Struktol 219 multifunctional additive

Additives for a Broad Range of Recycled Plastics

Struktol's innovative additives transform recycled compounds into creatively engineered, high-performance products.  

Clean Plast Purge Compounds Launches Expanded Product Line

Six new mold cleaners and releases nicely round out the Clean Plast portfolio.
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Materials: Flame-Retardant, Intumescent Olefin Compounds and Concentrates

Dynamic Modifiers’ new line of compounds can be processes as cast, blown or calendered film, sheet, profiles, molded shapes.