Engineering Resins

Materials: Medical-Grade Compounds and Concentrates for Laser Welding

Clariant supports a ‘Quality by Design’ approach to laser welding of medical devices.
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Additives: Unusual Chrome Colorant for High-End PET Products

Clariant’s NewAesthetix liquid-look chrome colorant is the first in this new portfolio of unique color and effects. 
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Additives: Color Concentrates for HDPE Personal Care Packaging

Holland Colours’ Holcopearl 2286 marks the company’s entry into polyolefin colorants.
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Additives: Latest Tests Show High Performance of New Liquid Additive in 100% Polyolefin Regrind

Riverdale Global’s ‘strenghthening’ additive shown to boost properties of PP and HDPE post-consumer recyclate while enhancing flow and part consitency.


Additives: Graphene Nanotubes for Fluoroelastomers

OCSiAL’s new Tuball Matrix additives are designed for fluoroelastomer gaskets, seals and other components used in industries such as oil & gas and aerospace.


Additives: Novel Silicone-PE Hybrid Additive Technology for Wood-Plastic Composites

Dow’s Amplify Si PE 1000 Polymer System/processing aid enables stronger, more sustainable wood-plastic composites.


Additives: High-Performance Colorants for Engineering Plastics

Milliken’s new KeyPlast Resist portfolio of bright colorants developed for nylons and other high-heat plastics.


Additives: Novel Non-Phthalate Plasticizers for Flexible PVC

Valtris launches new biobased and fast-fusing phthalate plasticizers.


Additives: Peroxide Concentrates for Viscosity Modification of PP & Crosslinking of EVA, PE, TPE

Addisperse’s new peroxide additives include a viscosity modifier for PP and recycling markets and a crosslinking agent for polyolefins. .  

Commodity Resins

Additives: Odor Eliminator for Recycled and Filled Plastic Compounds

Addisperse’s proprietary odor eliminator technology works on both common and challenging malodors.