End-Effector Kits for CRX Cobots

ATI Industrial Automation offers a variety of end-effector kits for Fanuc CRX cobots.


General-Purpose 5-axis Robot Range Redesigned

Building off the display of a prototype at K 2019, Sepro has finished the redesign of its Success robot range with three models, including ones with five-axis operation.


Injection Molding: New Robots & Customer Portal for Monitoring & Remote Assistance

Campetella’s open house showcases enhancements in performance and service.

Injection Molding

Customizable Robot and Molding Machine Maintenance Packages

Engel is offerings its injection molding machine and linear robot customers six individually configurable maintenance packages.


Cleanroom-Ready Parallel Gripper

OnRobot’s 2FG7 gripper is well suited for low-volume, high-mix production and many different applications, including machine tending, material handling and assembly.


Certified Collaborative Robot Education Program Launched

Curriculum provides cobot training as part of an integrated course and awards industry-recognized certification.


Automation: New A-C Servo Axis Reduces Weight, Boosts Robot’s Payload

A newly developed direct drive from Wittmann Battenfeld and a re-design of the supporting structure has lightened the unit by 40% over its predecessor.


Automation: Robot Series Extended to Support Larger Machines

Wittmann Battenfeld latest Primus robot—48/48T—can support injection molding machines with up to 1200 tons of clamping force.


Automation: Top Rollers Feature Advanced Sensors

ROEQ’s GuardCom systems uses sensors to instantly communicate with stationary conveyors moving goods on and off the mobile robot topped by a conveyor. 


Automation: Robot Line Redesigned

Wittmann Battenfeld says new WX153 is fully updated version of the W8 pro series launched in 2013.