Materials: Unusual Crosslinkable Elastomers Outperform TPVs, Silicones and Thermoset Rubbers

PolyOne’s new Barricade Elastomers offer high-temperature compression set performance, easier processing and lighter weight.

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Materials: Polyoxymethylene for Injection Molded Automotive Fuel Systems

Polyplastics’ Duracon POM boasts improved diesel fuel resistance for auto fuel components. 


Additives: Graphene Nanotubes in Fluoroelastomers Benefit Oil & Gas and Automotive Sectors

OCSiAl’s graphene nanotubes for fluoroelastomers (FKM) shown to perform optimally in components such as seals, O-rings, gaskets and hoses. 

Consumer Products

Materials:Laser Weldable Nylon 66 Compound for Broad Range of Applications

PolyOne’s new laser weldable Bergamid nylon 66 formulation tailored to automotive, consumer goods and medical devices. 


Additives: Flow Enhancer for Nylons, PPA, PBT and PLA

CAI Performance Additives’ ST-PA9 flow enhancer shown to dramatically increase MFI of nylon, PBT, PPA compounds and looks promising for PLA formulations. 

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Additives: VOC Extraction Additive Masterbatch for PP, TPO

CAI Performance Additives LDV-1035T boasts ‘permanent’ removal of VOCs during compounding eliminating odors in filled PP and TPO compounds.

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Materials: LCPs Designed for Rigors of 5G Cellular Communications, Autonomy

Sumitomo expands portfolio of LCPs with two thermotropic grades with low & consistent dielectric constant, loss tangent at high frequency and more to meet 5G technology evolving requirements. 


Materials: EPP Foam with Improved Surface Properties and Optimized Filling Behavior

BASF’s new expanded PP foam Neopolen P 9235+ is designed for components with a high-quality look to be used in the automotive and building industries.
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Additives: Flow Enhancers for Semi-Aromatic Nylon

Bruggemann’s Bruggolen TP-P1810 said to be the first flow enhancer for aromatic nylons. 


Materials: Extremely Lightweight and Foam-Free TPEs

Kraiburg’s TPE’s new TPE technology incorporates 3M’s Glass Bubbles to create extremely lightweight thin-wall moldings.