Dosing Basics A Doser, or Feeder is designed to introduce minor ingredients to the flow of main ingredients at the throat of a processing machine. You'll also find information about:   Doser Technologies The history of dosing Gravimetric color dosing Gravimetric payback   Liquid Dosing Learn about liquid dosing Applications Blending Basics Blending is an efficient, thorough and automated way to combine material ingredients, in pre-determined proportions, and then mix them together in preparation for the production of plastic parts or products. In this section you'll discover: Why Blend? How Blenders Work Blending Applications Compare Blender Technologies Comparing Blending Alternatives Controls for Blenders   Blending/Dosing Answers   Question: Is there a recommended way to clean a blender when preparing for a new recipe?   Response: Many processors develop their own methods for cleaning, and most approaches are based on how thoroughly they need to be cleaned. For more

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