For Honeywell’s Aclar Edge Bottles, “The Pie Is Much Bigger Than We Thought”

High-moisture-barrier Aclar Edge bottles for liquid drugs are nearing commercialization, and much broader market opportunities are emerging.

Recycled Materials

Fresh Milk in Clear PET with 20% PCR

Use of clear PET bottles for fresh milk is a growing trend, and Amcor offers up to 100% PCR content, as well as a UV barrier additive that doesn’t affect clarity.

Blow Molding

Global Bottle Maker Commits to Major Boost in Recycling

ALPLA Group multiplies its recycling investment by a factor of five.

Injection Molding

Glycon Announces Changes to Management Team

Expanded roles for Jon Kuhman, John Phelan.

Blow Molding

Simulation on ‘Virtual Twin’ Machine Speeds Cycle Optimization on Plant Floor

Kautex demonstrates that simulating a change in control program on a machine’s “virtual twin” greatly compresses the time to commission the new program on a real blow molding machine.


Priority Plastics Brings New Technology to U.S. for large PET Containers

Priority Plastics promises wIder neck openings, a variety of handle options, energy savings and quick changeovers with novel PET ISBM machinery.

Blow Molding

Plastics Solutions Changes Name to Globeius

New change reflect firm’s extension to new product offerings.

Stretch Blow Molding

Novel PET Water Bottle Pushes ‘Eco-Friendly’ Boundaries

Sidel’s AYA offers super-light weight, 100% rPET content, and reduction of secondary and tertiary packaging materials.

Engineering Resins

One-Step Method for Blow Molding Composites

Lanxess forms and bonds Tepex composite sheet to a blow molded parison in the mold.

Stretch Blow Molding

Lighter Weight & PCR Content in Multi-Trip PET Bottles

Refillable PET bottles are a significant factor in Mexico and parts of Latin America, as well as in Germany. This development combines 15% lightweighting with 35% recycle content.