Stretch Blow Molding

320 L Hydrogen Tank Liner Blow Molded in Nylon

Large liners for hydrogen composite pressure vessels are a challenge to blow mold. Kautex found a material and a technique to achieve a world “first.” 

Blow Molding

Plastics Industry Enlists to Fight Coronavirus

All types of processors and machinery and materials suppliers and service providers are refocusing resources to combat COVID-19.


Henkel Launches Recyclable Black Detergent Bottles

Recycle-friendly black HDPE bottles are included in Henkel’s laundry detergent line with 25% PCR.

Post-Consumer Recycling

Kautex Shifts Focus from Automotive to Packaging and Use of Recycled Plastics

Global slump in automotive blow molding investment convinces Kautex that its future is in sustainable packaging.

Blow Molding

Pretium Packaging Adds Machine For HIC Bottle Molding

Pretium invests in a 10-cavity, all-electric blow molder for gallon HDPE jugs.

Post-Consumer Recycling

New Concepts in PET Wine & Vitamin Bottles

Amcor’s two new looks for PET wine bottles—one with PCR---and a first all-PCR PET multivitamin bottle.

Injection Molding

Germany’s IKV to Build ‘Smart Factory’ R&D Center

Germany’s leading plastics institute bids to be a world leader in Industry 4.0 technologies.


New Technology Positions Large Laminate Tubes to Compete with Blow Molded Bottles

NEOSeam from Packsys Global makes laminate tubes with 360° decoration, no visible side seam, and lighter weight than blow molded bottles.

Heating & Cooling

Wittmann Buys FarragTech

Wittmann gains FarragTech’s dryers and cooling equipment based on compressed air.

Blow Molding

Comar Acquires iMARK Molding

The New Jersey based maker of rigid plastics packaging has acquired the Wisconsin based contract manufacturer and custom molder focused on medical.