Blow Molding

Bekum America Is Expanding

A 40% expansion in Michigan is expected to be completed later this year.


Opaque White Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Proven with 100% rPET

Swiss masterbatch producer Sukano and French PET bottle machinery builder Sidel collaborated on a project to confirm the bottle-to-bottle recyclability of opaque white light-barrier PET dairy bottles.

Blow Molding

Industrial Blow Molder Goes Solar

Solar panels plus lithium battery storage cut peak-load charges that plague many manufacturers.


The New Uniloy Plans Numerous Machine Developments

Starting with barrier coinjection at K 2019, Uniloy plans new blow molding machinery developments across four product lines.

PET Processing

PET Blow Molding Tech Services for Small & Mid-Size Molders

Help with overhauls, maintenance, machine installations, startups, etc. is now priced for a wider market of PET blow molders.


Amcor Opens Packaging Design and Development Center in Ohio

Amcor’s new Ohio Innovation Center will help home-  and personal-care brands design and develop new packaging.

Stretch Blow Molding

PET Packaging Technologies Debut at K 2019

SACMI will show its latest for compression, injection and blow molding—maintly of PET.


Sidel Buys PET Moldmaker

Sidel adds to its tooling capabilities with acquisition of COMEP in France.


PET Stretch-Blow Molding Tip: Use Preforms While They’re Fresh

Moisture uptake in storage is almost impossible to remove from PET preforms and can negatively affect processing and container performance.


Lanxess Intensifies Blow Molding Support

A new development team, a new suction blow molder, and process simulation capability add to Lanxess’ new emphasis on blow molded nylon in automotive fueltrain applications.