Flexible Case Packer with Collaborative Automation

New Proco case packer incorporates a cobot arm and flexible packing programs with quick changeover.

Stretch Blow Molding

Shrink Packers Now Can Use 100% Recycled Shrink Film

KHS shrink packers for bottles now can handle shrink film with up to 100% recycle.

Blow Molding

Novel Solution for Noncontact Thickness Measurement of PE, PP Containers

Agr’s Gawis 4D optical thickness profiler now can measure highly colored and low-light-transmission PE and PP bottles, as well as clear PET.

Blow Molding

Screen Changers for Extrusion Blow Molders

W. Muller is offering its own line of screen changers for vertical or horizontal blow molding extruders, suitable for retrofit.

Heating & Cooling

Internal Air Cooling Systems Speed Blow Molding

Chilled compressed air cools parts from the inside while the mold cools them on the outside.

Blow Molding

Reusable Insulation Blanket for Processing Machinery

Can be used on any style extruder, as well as extruder barrels, heads and injection and blow molding machines.  


Blow Molding: Compact, Integrated Blowing & Labeling System for PET Bottles

Integrating PET bottle blowing and labeling saves floorspace and prevents bottle damage in conveying.

Stretch Blow Molding

Blow Molding: Faster, Super-Compact PET Blow-Fill-Cap System for Still Water

Sidel’s new Super Combi Compact is 30% faster and occupies 30% less floorspace.


Injection Molding: Lubricant Coating Keeps PET Preforms Scratch-Free

Prevent scratching of PET preforms during bulk packaging and handling with a new system for spraying a lubricant coating on the preforms.


Blow Molding: Conveyor Designed for Integration with Blow Molding Machines

Compact unit can handle melt purges, separates tails and tips, and repairs quickly and easily.