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Published: 1/23/2018

Additives: New Additives for BOPP, Wire/Cable, FR Nylon
Dow Performance Silicones (formerly Dow Corning) has non-migrating slip additive for BOPP, an improved FR synergist for nylon; and a process aid for W&C.

Published: 11/22/2017

Additives: Brilliant Metallic Colorants Mimic Paint
Uniquely shaped and sized pigments enable the metallic shades to replicate paint.

Published: 10/30/2017

Additives: New Blue Plastics Pigment Stays Cool
A brand-new blue pigment is based on chemistry that expands the range of colors that stay cooler when exposed to the sun.

Published: 9/19/2017

Additives: Liquid UV Stabilizers for Precise Dosing
Riverdale Global adds seven new standard liquid light stabilizers for injection molding.

Published: 8/8/2017

Additives: PET Color Concentrate Yields Deeper Colors
Holland Colours’ Holcopearl 2287 color concentrate for PET boasts optimal dispersion on automated high-speed lines. 

Published: 4/10/2017

ADDITIVES: Heat and UV Stabilizer for Automotive TPOs
Clariant's new additive masterbatch aimed at next-generation auto interiors.

Published: 1/25/2017

ADDITIVES: Engineered Lubricants for Rigid PVC
Valtris Specialty Chemicals expands lubricants portfolio.

Published: 1/24/2017

ADDITIVES: Bio-Derived Colorants for PET and Biopolymers
The Natural Collection from Holland Colours initially aimed at cosmetics and personal-care packaging.

Published: 12/20/2016

ADDITIVES: Novel Silicone Combats Processing Issues in Highly-Filled PE Wire & Cable Compounds
Dow Corning's new silicone technology reduced screw torque by as much as 30%.

Published: 12/6/2016

ADDITIVES: High-Performance Stabilizers for Polyolefins in Outdoor Use
Solvay's Cyasorb Cynergy B Series stabilizers aimed at outdoor building & constructions applications.

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