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Published: 5/11/2018

Regeneration Line for Recycling
GM105 Compac can recycle materials like PP and PE in the form of pre-sized films, coils or loose products. 

Published: 5/10/2018

Commitment to Sustainability in Action at NPE2018
This is an opportunity for show-goers to see a first-hand demonstration of recycling in action. Visit the Westwood Parking lot (behind the West Building) to check it out today.

Published: 3/15/2018

New Granulators Can Tackle Large Injection or Blow Molded Scrap
Cumberland is showing its T50 Series Granulators and versatile FRV & Edge Trim FRE Series feedroll system.

Published: 3/15/2018

New Granulator Product Line From Conair
Seven different models are on display at the show, in configurations for injection molding, blow molding, and both pipe/profile and film/sheet extrusion.

Published: 3/15/2018

Bottle-To-Bag Technology For Making Woven-Tape FIBCs From rPET
Starlinger is exhibiting an rPET FIBC at Booth W6885 along with a “smelling table” that highlights “smell-improved” regranulate.

Published: 3/15/2018

New Technology Focuses On Higher Quality In Plastics Recycling
Erema’s Intarema T 1108 is live at Booth W1249, processing clean LDPE production waste direct and without pre-shredding to make high-quality regrind.

Published: 3/14/2018

NGR Presents P:REACT Processing System With NGR Connect For rPET
The Liquid State Polycondensation (LSP) of scrap PET in the P:REACT machine cleans the melt of harmful contamination while still offering process stability.

Published: 3/14/2018

Mas To Showcase New Design For Continuous Melt Filtration
The MAS developed and patented CDF removes efficient and continuous wood, paper, non-melting foreign plastics, rubber, aluminum and similar contaminants from the melt stream.

Published: 2/16/2018

Beccaria Srl Releases New Vertical Mixer Series
The outdoor mixing silos are equipped with technical and structural features that reportedly allow placement outdoor without need of any cover frame.

Published: 2/15/2018

New Features for STF's Polygonal Vertical and Horizontal Auger Combination
The company says the combination of a horizontal and vertical auger saves space since a long diagonal conveyor belt system is no longer needed.