Materials: Flame-Retardant High-Temperature Polyamide for 3D Printing

This product line is specially designed for extrusion-based 3D printing such as FFF.

Additive Manufacturing

Video: Essentium and Sulzer Discuss 3D Printed Face Mask Project

In this video interview, Blake Mosher of Essentium and Darayus Pardivala of Sulzer talk about Essentium’s work in creating 3D printed face masks for Sulzer employees. 

Additive Manufacturing

Plastics Processing Business Continued Contracting in April

Global economic shutdown causes downturn in new orders and production.

Additive Manufacturing

Paxis, Sartomer to Develop Custom Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Sartomer will work with Paxis to develop a library of new custom materials tailored to work with the Wave Applied Voxel (WAV) technology and solve application-specific needs. 

Molds & Tooling

Printing Platform Allows Introduction, Orientation of Functional Fillers

A 3D printing startup technology’s ability to evenly disperse functional additives to photopolymers and align reinforcing fibers within the resin during cure is drawing moldmaking interest.

Additive Manufacturing

HP and BASF Partner on New 3D Printing Polypropylene Material

A reported first of its kind industrial-grade polypropylene (PP) developed for HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D printing system to accelerate production.

Additive Manufacturing

Molder Pushes Limits of Rapid Tooling in Coronavirus Crash Projects

Harbec explores 3D printed aluminum molds with conformal cooling.

Extrusion Know How

What You Should Know About Miniature Extrusion Screws

Very small screws have become more common with the growth of additive manufacturing. Designing such screws requires balancing their output requirements with their torque strength.
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Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing Providing Opportunities During COVID-19

A look at two companies working on 3D-printed PPE equipment.